Child Abuse – Parental Alienation Syndrome. It Is Time to Answer for it.

taught to them

“Encouraging a child to betray one of the most important members of his family be it the father or the mother produces within that child a tendency towards psychopathic behaviour. Once the alienating parent has denigrated the other parent to the child, the child due to the pressure upon him and the “power” wielded by the alienator needs to carry on the process of denigration.

Children who suffer from the PAS syndrome develop a concept that one parent is the loving parent and hence to be loved back while the other is the hated parent who has done evil or wickedness, etc., not only towards the alienating parent but towards the child. This has been consciously as well as unconsciously indoctrinated in to the child. This has also resulted in fear as well as hatred for the alienated parent. Virtually all indoctrination of a negative type is carried out by the mother who usually retains the child in residence. Occasionally it is the father or one of the relations to the child who may have taken over the role of parenting. Continue reading

A Bit Of A Frog In My Throat, And In the Bushes, And The Other Bushes Too.

whatever 4

Last night we had a spectacular experience. There was music, drama, fireworks and lots and lots of swearing. It is not often that the travelling Circus comes to town and parks itself in your yard and sends in ALL the clowns, but last night was magic.

The frogs flash mobbed us. Except they clearly have a short attention span and did not quite get through all the instructions. They nailed, “a bunch of you assemble suddenly in a public place/our back yard, and perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act . . ” They failed to finish the sentence that continues ” . . . pointless act . . . for a brief time, before quick dispersing.” Continue reading


“Wisdom rescues compassion from deteriorating into feelings of pity and powerlessness. Compassion rescues wisdom from deteriorating into idealistic intentions that remains distant from the realities of suffering in each moment. The seeds of compassion and wisdom lie in each moment that we are willing to turn our attention toward suffering, pain, and conflict rather than following the pathways of denial or avoidance. The willingness to be present in the presence of suffering is the first step to softening the bands of aversion and fear that separate us from ourselves and others. In this shift of attention, we learn the primary lessons of listening and simplicity; we learn to ease the clamoring inner voices that demand formulas, solutions and prescriptions. learning to be wholeheartedly present, receptive in the midst of conflicts and divisions, we have the possibility of understanding not only the path to the end of suffering but also the causes of suffering.” Christina Feldman

God Parents, Does God Know What Kind of Parent You Are?


I am not an expert on God Parents and have never had one or been one.  I fully recognize that being a God Parent is not a legal position.  Basically a God Parent is someone who parents pick to take a special interest in their children.  Should anything happen to the parents, the God Parent is suppose to care for the child(ren).

Now most people are named as God Parents and after the last pretty little cupcake is consumed from the christening, the subject is never again raised.  Others might make mention of and include these people in special family times  and then there are those that make a point of standing up and asserting their God Parentness all over social media and anyone else who will listen.  Continue reading

Taking the Wonder out of Winter Land.

down the lane the snow is glistening 3

They always make frolicking in the snow look like such fun. People who have never been in snow romanticize it. A good friend does not let another friend erroneously romanticize snow. They just don’t.

I have a friend in Australia who wants to go to Canada because she loves the winter fashions. She gushes when she talks about plaids and the beautiful fur coats. I would slap her but that is not allowed. Continue reading

Letter to the Friend I Failed Yesterday, I’m Sorry.


To the person who reached out yesterday, hurting more than human beings should ever have to hurt.

I was so overcome with your pain when we talked that all I really wanted to do was to cry with you and just give witness to the frustration and hurt that all of us have been feeling about this situation. We all share a profound sense of powerlessness to direct any of it to a different outcome except one where you are unfairly the victim of it all. Continue reading


“If you program yourself with theoretical knowledge, you will become a walking Victrola, able to repeat lofty phrases and to be considered a learned being, but your knowledge will be unsupported by your own realization or spiritual attainment…  Do not use your God-given reason to become more and more mixed up in the labyrinth of matter and in the egoistic limitations of the intellect; with the power of discrimination, study and apply truth until it becomes your own intuitive realization.  When you develop your intuition, you will feel the presence of God and His omniscience within you. That is called esoteric reason…”   Paramahansa Yogananda

A Shave and a Hair Cut, Sans the Shave.

jewellery box momento 3

I cut my hubby’s hair last night. I have been doing it for years and it always works out very nicely and he remains handsome and I even get some kudos for the good job.

I was tired. I have a knee that is killing me. It was hot and muggy and the clippers were in my hand and on his head making the second swipe across his skull when I had a flash back to sheep shearing and bald bald sheep baaing on the floor of the shearing shed. Except my hubby was sitting on the edge of the bathtub and no-one was baaaing. Continue reading


“Nobody allows their children to dance and to sing and to shout and to jump. For trivial reasons—perhaps something may get broken, perhaps they may get their clothes wet in the rain if they run out; for these small things—a great spiritual quality, playfulness, is completely destroyed.

If the child goes on growing with full freedom to be playful, he will turn out to be a rebel. He will not be easily enslaved; he will not be easily put into armies to destroy people or to be destroyed himself.

The rebellious child will turn out to be a rebellious youth. Then you cannot force marriage on him; then you cannot force him into a particular job; then the child cannot be forced to fulfill the unfulfilled desires and longings of the parents. The rebellious youth will go his own way.

For all these reasons playfulness is stifled, crushed from the very beginning. Your nature is never allowed to have its say. Slowly, slowly you start carrying a dead child within yourself. This dead child within you destroys your sense of humor: you cannot laugh with your total heart, you cannot play, you cannot enjoy the small things of life. You become so serious that your life, rather than expanding, starts shrinking.

Life should be, each moment, a precious creativity. What you create does not matter—it may be just sandcastles on the seashore, but whatever you do should come out of your playfulness and joy.”    Osho