First Aid For Dummies.

first aid

I went to a first aid course once.  It was mandatory for all of us in the department so we were attending with other people from the office and let me tell you,  when we walked in there and saw there was a dummy for each of us I didn’t even try to restrain my relief.  It is such a heavy burden to know that everyone would want to be partnered with me and that some would probably want to fight it out and others might become suicidal.  All that emotion gets tiring and I was already a little fatigued.  But when I saw those dummies,  I was so relieved,  I hooted and hollered and jumped up and down on the table until I choked on my candy and the instructor had to do the Heimlich manoeuvre  on me. Continue reading

Government Assistance and The War We Wage Against Each Other.


According to the Courier Mail, the Australian Government has another proposal to cut welfare payments. (see article here) I applaud the government’s efforts to look at everything and see where we can cut costs.  I applaud their seeming commitment to the idea that the solution has to help people, not just dump them and leave them off worse than before.  I admire that about the Australians, they seem to think a bit more before they jump, or at least make an effort to see the whole picture. Continue reading

Out Foxed but Never Out Played.


I went to some lovely Botanical Gardens the other day and took the grand children for a nature walk to explore.  Their mother decided to attend with us so off we went planning on a great adventure.   Among the beautiful flowers and plants were delightful art pieces with whimsy and colour, unexpected lagoons …. and 50 million screaming flying foxes.

Oh wait, 50 million screaming flying foxes AND their feces all over the place.  They were everywhere we looked.  Their guano was dripping off of the trees, signs, plants … and covered the foot path.  Despite the fact their guano is supposedly easily cleaned up with water, apparently the position of flying fox guano remover was currently still open, and had been for some time.  Protection agencies like to tell you that the whole story about guano taking the paint off houses and cars is just a “myth.”  They cover that with blaming the paint if someone has proof.  The bottom line, you are never ever going to win the argument.

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The Canadian and the Australia Weather Savant, Cyclone Marcia Related News, The Worms.


Having been relegated to staying off my feet, I find myself in a very uncomfortable position of having to ask for help.

After explaining to someone that I have been in agonizing pain since December 23rd and was unable to get out of the vehicle to come to their front door, they came down to see me.  Their comment was, after the hug, “what’s wrong, you don’t look very cheerful.?”

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The Canadian and the Australia Weather Savant, Cyclone Marcia Post Two.

side yard 11AM 20 02 2015

For crying out loud there is no need to panic just because One Direction MAY be in the path of the cyclone. I can hum and I know some dances by heart.  I got an A in square dancing and you do remember I grew up on the Canadian Prairies … let me tell you square dancing excellence there is like “whoa.”

(You can have the people in the office do a whole montage of “whoaing.” ) Continue reading

The Canadian and the Australia Weather Savant, Cyclone Marcia Post One.

normal yard

In case you have been living under a rock, or are busy watching reruns of Game of Thrones, Australia is getting hammered with 2 cyclones.  If I had to be anywhere in the world with people about to deal with 2 natural disasters at once, I would pick Australia hands down.  No-one has such a sense of team work when it comes to anything they face, as Australians do. They hitch up their pants and meet whatever is at hand, head on.  They are fearless and caring and always maintain a sense of humour.  I think it is because they don’t want people to worry, especially about them.  They’ll “be right.” Continue reading


“It takes us a long time, many of us more, longer, than others to come up out of the darkness of our feelings of unworthiness. Of unlovableness. Of allowing that liquidity to happen, of feeling safe to be in the presence of love. When I first experienced my guru loving me my mind kept flickering with the thoughts of ‘If he only knew.’ And then I realized that he did know, and he was still loving me. And it took me through the dot dot dot dot and whatever you are, however you are at this moment… When you can accept that you are lovable then the fear starts to dissolve. It’s allowing you own beauty. It’s allowing the beauty of your soul, which is behind your personality. It’s behind all that stuff. Just another radiant bit of light.”  Ram Dass