An Endless Ripple.


Too often we get caught up in the enormity of the need around us. We see so much work to do, with limited or unknown resources. We don’t know how to begin, where to begin, when to begin. We doubt ourselves. We doubt the value of what we might do and so we do not do anything.

We get overwhelmed with the macro and fail to ever see the micro.

Compassion is not just saving an entire nation from starving. It is not about awards given out for our service. It is about the way we choose to live our lives, doing kindnesses for one another when they are before us. It means seeing other people and being willing to help in any small way.

We may not ever go to a war torn country to rescue the children, but perhaps the person we take the time with today, might. If they are not the one, perhaps their influence will be on the person who will. We never know what a kind word or small action might mean for someone. We just have to be open and willing. Imagine if the whole world just tried to be more loving in their own little spheres? We could start a fire whose power could not be stopped.

3 thoughts on “An Endless Ripple.

  1. Such a wonderful video!♥
    Thank you so much for sharing your light through your inspiring posts and blog. Do take good care and stay precious, too 🙂
    p.s. Realised with a start that this is based on a local ‘Kindness Campaign’ here in Singapore, where I am from. With deep thanks to you, I’m going to share this with my class to keep up this “endless ripple” of kindness. Much love!


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