Lost in Unhappiness With No Clear Road Out.


Life sometimes puts us in a place where we are incredibly unhappy. We have tried to do the right thing, we may be doing everything that has been prescribed for us as steps to (insert goal here) and yet nothing is working out and more than that, we are so miserable we feel lost.

Our first response is to attack ourselves and lay blame on our abilities, our understanding . . . our worth.
That usually leads to us trying harder.

That also fails.

It fails for one simple reason.

When you are miserable it is because your daily living is not in sync with your heart.

You can spend your whole life getting instructions from everyone else on what you should be doing and how you should be doing it . . . and being miserable . . . or you can get off the treadmill now and stop the insanity.

I don’t care if the instruction is coming from your family, your work, your religion, your friend or your partner. YOU are in charge of your life. Peace is only found when you live an authentic life. That means that you figure out who you are and connect into your source and live. Living in that way reveals to you the “how” and allows your life flows where it is meant to flow. THIS authentic life seldom looks like anyone else’s life that you admire and will certainly not be achieved in the way they did theirs, but it will be a life of joy. It will have components of all the qualities you have been attracted to in others and it will be honest. You will understand you will always have much to work on and much to learn. You will continue to make mistakes, but it will be ok because you are loving the journey. You love you.

There are no other answers, no other way. There is no magic pill, no short cut. There is work. There is struggle. BUT you cease to see mistakes as failures and you stop seeing pain as a negative and you realize that everything is with you and for you . . . if you let it be. And you stop fighting and you start breathing and you hear the voice in your head softly telling you “it’s going to be ok.”

And once you are ok with you it is suddenly much easier to be ok with everyone else. And you no longer fight against people, you fight against ideas and practices with the intent to help others. Your life becomes one where it is important to empower others, to leave YOUR footprint on the earth that has nothing to do with 15 minutes of fame or any amount of money, but everything to do with service. You leave things better for your having been there, people better for having known you.

Knowing yourself and accepting who you are with all your warts and beauty allows love to flow. You can love and be loved. It is life. If blood and breath carry life through the body then love is the flow that carries life through humanity. We suffer, our world suffers, because we are all stuck. We are stuck in lives with game plans that do not feed our souls and we are rotting from the inside out.

Know yourself. Embrace. Live.

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