Aria’s Life Lessons Auntie Ana Refused to Nap.

9cfdc40892d64518809ab6c472370a01 Take a good look at your Auntie Anastasia’s face. Does she look happy? No she does not.

This is what she looked like going to school when she stayed up late watching TV even though she had to get up the next morning for school. Her mommy said, “You’ll be sorry in the morning.” Her mommy said, “One day you will wish you could go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.”

Her mommy was teaching her a lesson.

This is a picture of her being sorry in the morning. See the big bags under her eyes? Can you say “not very attractive?” No-one is attractive in the morning’s when they are sorry. Mother Nature has a rule on disobeying Mom and the necessary consequences. Ugliness is part of that. Don’t be sorry in the morning.

You should phone your Auntie Ana and ask her if her mother was right. She likes those kinds of questions especially now she has lots of kids and she wishes she could go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Ask her if she thinks back to when her mommy told her one day she would be sad about missing out on a nap.

All children end up sorry they did not listen to their mothers. There just is no way around this. You need to suck it up and listen more to your mommy. Your mommy knows everything. It is magic.

Isn’t it past your bedtime??

Auntie Ana’s kids are not in bed. They are running around and making lots of noise because they are playing “karma.” You could call Auntie Ana now. Don’t worry about the time. I promise she will be up.

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