The soul of the world is crying to be heard~and only those who have suffered can fully recognize it. If women can come to know the sacred dimensions of their own and the earth’s suffering~If they can see that it is part of the mysterious destiny of the soul of our world, if they can look beyond their own personal pain and anger to accept their larger destiny~then the forces of life can flow in a new way.~Llewellyn Vaughan~Lee

The Lie.


Did it all happen so fast?

I don’t believe this.

It probably seemed fast to those who did not see it coming.  It probably looked like it happened overnight.  There is so much going on in the world right now that speaks to what will happen and yet people refuse to see.  They don’t want to interrupt their TV show, or put down their credit card, or stop talking about their next cruise.

When you are comfortable, other people’s pain and discomfort is an inconvenience and we are seduced by our conveniences.  We define our lives by them. Continue reading


“There will be moments in life when you just have absolutely no idea who you are, what you are doing, or why you are here. These moments are drenched with questions when you most need answers.

Remember something for me — give yourself time. Give yourself the space to be lost and then to be found in the questions and in the answers that will come. Remember to breathe in the confusion and just take it a day at a time. Remember that you are a human being — fragile and beautiful. Remember that being human often times means being broken into wholeness.

Be gentle with yourself in the process of being formed. Be patient with life and the questions that are piling up inside your heart. Take it a day at a time, a breath at a time, and just do what you can in that moment to press forward.

You are not going to stay like this forever; you will find your way, you will grow in these moments — you will be okay.

I love you. I am rooting for you.

Breathe…”  Dele Olanubi

The Budgie That Never Returned In The Spring, at Least Not To The Prairies.

road kill 2

I wanted a budgie.

I think I wanted one because they came in pretty colours but also because they were not cows.  I had kind of had my fill of cows.  Dairy will do that to you.

Have I ever told you how much I resent the hell out of the fact that when I was growing up no-one talked about being lactose intolerant or needing gluten free everything.  That shit is awesome.  I guarantee some girl locked away somewhere in the deep farm land of Saskatchewan came up with that stuff.  If I had heard of it, I would have read up, become the best lactose intolerant, gluton reactionariest  poster child that ever lived.  I would have got me a note from the doctor excusing me from all things farm and caught the first one horse pony out of there.

But I didn’t have options.  I was stuck.  So I wanted a budgie.   Some kids did drugs to rebel,  I wanted a budgie instead of a cow. Continue reading

The Village Speaks: Parental Alienation Syndrome and the Vincenti Girls.

emotional support

The story of the 4 Vincenti girls, kidnapped from Italy where a separated couple had joint custody is ongoing.  The world watched as the girls were made the centre of a legal and media battle with the mother, Laura Garrett, who kidnapped the girls, insisting the father that abusive and mentally unstable.

The back and forth, and finally in 2012, the heart wrenching seizure of the girls, forced on a plane to be returned to their father, was more than most people could deal with.

Daily Mail Article

Facebook Post  by Australian and Missing Children

Sunshine Coast Daily – includes timeline of events

Sydney Morning News

Sydney Herald

Lat night, an update was done by 60 Minutes when they travelled to Italy to interview the two older girls, Emily 17 and Claire, 16.

Continue reading