“The act of giving and receiving love is love in itself, where the opposite of love is often associated with hatred; however, in human nature more so than anywhere else is it more closely based on the inability to accept love. The reason of having of low self-esteem varies with all; with some being cracked at an early age and with others with deep underlying scars, but the symptoms remains consistent throughout.

To feel as though one is not accepting of love; one should be no less sympathetic for the one with no love than the one with all the love in the world but cannot accept it as something of their own. The root cause of why one feels stagnation through a natural stream such as love is because of the most violent act against the self, which is self-comparison and being a skeptic of one’s own beauty.

We become increasingly absorbed in our flaws and faults that we forget that it are better to be a diamond with a flaw rather than a pebble without. To have flaws is beauty, a fact so frightening that we hurry to hide them from sight and tarnish the whole in the process. There are only a couple people you cross on your path that you grow to truly know and even then our knowledge about these people is very limited. Whether this be a spouse, parents, or friends; we cannot have omnipotent knowledge about someone no matter how long you have been with them, as we don’t even know everything about ourselves. Apples to oranges, the act of comparing your life to another’s’ is more like comparing an elephant to an apple, it makes no sense to comparing someone’s life that you have no knowledge about to that of your own that you know in all earnest is not completely something that you totally comprehend. When one presents themselves for comparison, they are essentially creating noise in their heads which in turn deafens one from the beautiful song of their own. The mom who raises her kids as a single-parent, the girl having to balance two jobs to attend college, the guy living in an environment not respecting of one’s sexual orientation; we all have hardships in our lives to over come but we are not what they say, what they assume, nor what they want you to be.

We have a beautiful message within us and when we are hurting most it is most necessary to give it away. When you don’t know yourself, you can find yourself through your purpose that interconnects yourself to others. We all have moments where we need to cry like a girl with make-up is smeared all over her face because she cried so hard and hold on dearly to love because life can be so hard, but love is something that must be given away. Love is the message. Love is hard and sometimes doesn’t seem nice, through the giving and accepting of it are we interconnected with the world. Only when you let go of what you have, are your hands free to accept something new. Love with purpose and love without doubt without concern of what may have happened in the past or fear of what might happen. The opposite of love is the inability to accept love. To give love is to accept love.”

 Forrest Curran

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