Bullying Asperger’s


As many of you have already read, my grandson Noah, a 10 year old with Asperger’s, is currently in a psychiatric hospital because his only option to the bullying he suffered at school, seemed to be suicide.

He is perhaps one of the lucky ones.  I briefly heard a news report this week of another young boy with Asperger’s who had stabbed his bully.

We have started a group called Noah’s Ark for my grandson because now we must spend all our time trying to erase the damage caused and hoping to convince him that the bullies are the minority and that there are many good people out there in the world who care.  We also started a go fund page to help offset the cost for Noah’s family.  The victims are left with the damage and the costs.  The bullies are seldom taken to task.

Please join the group and offer words of encouragement to a little boy and please contribute if you can.

I found this incredible comprehensive article on bullying that I urge you to read.  Please spread the word.  This has to stop.

My Aspergers Child:  The Bullying of Aspergers Children

A sad fact: The majority of children with Aspergers will experience repeated bullying and/or victimization at school. Aspergers students are easy targets for a variety of reasons:

• Due to having a low social IQ, they let things build up …then retaliate without an awareness of what the consequences might be

• They appear different than their “typical” peers

• They are not always aware of teasing or bullying behavior

• “Intimidation” is not in their vocabulary

• The need to dominate or control others is not part of their personality

Aspergers children who are bullied are more likely to be depressed, anxious, and suicidal. They struggle in school (when they decide to show up at all). They’re more likely to carry weapons, get in physical fights, and abuse drugs. But when it comes to the actual damage bullying does, the picture becomes more clouded.  (read more by clicking link below.)

via My Aspergers Child: The Bullying of Aspergers Children.

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5 thoughts on “Bullying Asperger’s

  1. Hi Noah, MY name is Deanna and i live in washington state.. I sure like your picture.. I sure hope you are doing better..you must have a great big heart because the people in this world that have the biggest hearts and care the most are usually the ones that let “other people get them down” I am sure that you have been told this before, but the people that call other people names and are mean, those are the ones that feel the lowest about themselves and are hurting inside. those people are usually the ones that have to put other people down to make themselves look like they are better.. so dont believe the ones that put you down, stand tall and maybe with your parents or grandma at your side take them an apple and tell them something like “here is an apple for you, i hope you have a nice day” maybe after a time or 2 of doing this they might feel better about themselves.. the last thing you need to do is feel bad about yourself, you continue to stand tall and be as happy as you can. By doing this Noah you will also be setting an example and spreading the word that it is better to be nice to yourself and nicer to the ones that are hurting and trying to hurt you..i learned this from the bible when i was a little girl and it has worked for me. I sure hope you the best, you get well soon.. people like you have a lot in your heart that will teach other people PLEASE dont ever give up, luvs and hugs and to your grandma and family. Deanna


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