You Think You Know

My husband shared this with me and I could not stop thinking about it.

It is interesting at face value but on a deeper level it is everything.

What are we teaching our children?  Do we consider how much we shape their world for them by the experiences they have and the things they learn?  My mind goes to so many instances where children are used to further the adults needs and sick wants.

Can we recognize in ourselves that we get stuck in ways of seeing things, ways of dealing with life, ways of problem solving … and we pass it on to our children.  It is not that how we do things is right or wrong but rather that it is limited.  It is just one way and defending that way as “right” and defending it to the point we “hate” other people who do not share our experiences and therefore thoughts is shallow and debilitating.

I have always NEEDED to understand HOW people think.  I remember being a kid and asking a thousand questions because I could not let something go until I could understand why someone had a different opinion or idea than I did.  Once I could see that path, I was ok with it.  I was ok with that person being different than me.  As an adult, when I cannot understand an action, I start on a journey to find a connection point.  If I can understand how a person thinks then I can figure out why they ended up at the place they are in and I have a bridge from me to them.  It does not mean I agree with them but I guess I have this fundamental understanding we are all human and we are all capable of both good and bad given the right circumstances.  I can understand, for example, that a child who is incredibly abused as a child, might grow up to abuse others.  I do not condone their actions but there is something in me that can say I get why that could happen for some people.

These types of understandings should free us all to realize we are so limited and contained with our own lives and experiences and that there is never an end to learning.  Have we “chosen” to be limited?  Is our comfort, our affluence, our pursuit of physical pleasure, shut us down and numbed us to the whole process of life?  Were we meant to continue to grow and expand and experience instead of settling, switching off, and dying?

I have done things to challenge myself through out my life without really thinking about it.  I move my watch from my preferred arm to my other arm.  I write with my other hand.  I sleep on the side less preferred.  I move things around in my environment.   I am now excited to think about expanding that.  To perhaps immersing myself in different practices that change my thoughts.  How else can this work.

Let me know if you try anything and what your experiences are.

One thought on “You Think You Know

  1. I think it is critical to keep changing things up, including mindset. To keep learning. To not settle into routines (I am horrible at routine in general so this enables me).

    I used to think that “openness” was a flaw. The older I get, the more I see it as an opportunity. The “why” and the eagerness to explore and understand is an indicant of intelligence. The ability to understand even when we don’t agree, is a mark of enlightenment (I’m working on that part). I think true forgiveness is hidden in that tangle…

    Rigidity works great for rocks. Not so much for humans (at any age). We are meant to flow I think.


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