“Do not seek outside yourself for greatness. All the acclaim, admiration, praise, worship, applause in the world could never satisfy the deep longings of your heart. It would only be temporary, anyway, conditional, contingent, and you would exhaust yourself trying to sustain it, burying your secret feelings of lack.
Your greatness will never come from outside of you, friend; it will only be found within. In your ordinariness lies great power. You are extraordinary to the core, special in your unspecialness, for you are undivided from life itself, the power that moves oceans and keeps planets in their orbits. Do not compare yourself, or attempt to be like anyone else. You will fail.
For you are a unique flower, extraordinary even in the midst of your doubts, your sorrows, your pains, your longings for home. You are absolutely unparalleled, an incomparable expression of That which can never be expressed. You could never be like the other flowers, and therein lies your greatness, your preciousness.
Do not change; you are cherished by the universe as you are. ”   Jeff Foster

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