No Room Left in The Inn.


Some discussion and information on plans for forced sterilization:

Women Prisoners Sterilized to Cut Welfare Costs in California.

Schools Implant IUD’s in Girls as Young as Sixth Grade Without Their Parents Knowing.

Proposal to Temporarily Sterilise All NZ Teenage Females Should Raise Serious Red Flags

Bill Gates Foundation Announces Implantable Remote Controlled Contraceptive Microchip That Can Last Up To 16 Years.

Over the past few years the cries for forced sterilisation have reached a fevered pitch. People are talking population control and the need to stop third world countries from reproducing.  Of course some people are kinder than that, they insist they are empowering the women and giving them opportunities even though you seldom here about the part of that plan that follows, forced birth control or sterilisation.   Others suggest they are doing the world a favour by helping to reduce the growing population which the earth can no longer support. Whatever the reasoning, population reduction is always about “other” people, usually the poor, who should have their numbers reduced for the greater good of us all. The rest of us carry on procreating at will.

And I am not trying to control anyone.  If you have an idea that you want to put forward, then do it, but strip away the candy coating to try and make it more palatable.  Take away all the misdirection that suggests it is about some other, more noble cause.  

Also there have been many discussions about the cost of babies on the system, when they are born damaged due to drug or alcohol use, to mothers who do not end up looking after them, as well as babies born to women in prison and children born to people on welfare. Should society pay for their upkeep? Should women who we know are going to produce damaged, largely unwanted children, be allowed to reproduce at all? What about people with mental disabilities? The list can get quite lengthy.

The problem with discussions like this is that it is a scary thing to think about someone else deciding who can and cannot reproduce. Forced sterilization, even if they claim it to be temporary is about as far reaching as a government can go in trampling on human rights where that human is still alive.   I know I don’t want to invite them into my own bedroom, do I have any right to insist they go into someone else’s? What is the damage of long term forced sterilization like in the case of what NZ proposes or Bill Gates new product? We don’t know what 16 years of forced sterilization will do to the human reproductive system OR the long term health of these women.  Are we sure women could magically be able to produce babies after over a decade of suppressing all the natural body reproductive function? Is it a risk we want to take?

Can we trust the people trying to give us the green Kool Aid?

And yet there can be no denying the cost of these damaged, unwanted, starving children is huge. Adopting or fostering a child now seems to be more about what you do not want instead of what you want. Does someone knowingly want to take on a child with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome? 18 years or more of endless problems, probably resulting in your child being committed, or put in jail, or terrorizing the very family that tried to love him? What kind of life do these kids enjoy? Is it worth being born just to starve to death or to be sold into a sex trade and to be used and abused until you are dead?  Can the system, already groaning under the costs of social care, take on the greater expense?

There are no easy answers. Love and hugging one another does not provide practical solutions to real problems.  It does not grow money.  Love is a way we channel our efforts.  It is how we carry out aide.  It is the direction we move in, but we still have to have a plan and practical help. Erasing the children will not solve the problem either because the problem is us, and how we view life, the stress we live with, how we handle that stress, how we care for one another or how we don’t. Taking away the child, or sterilising the mother does not help the drug addict get off drugs or change the way they interact with the world. Reducing the population of third world countries will only make it easier for us to ignore them.  Dying babies in the arms of their mothers moves people.  Dying women, not so much.

Everyone is exhausted with the drama and trauma that fills our every waking moment. We have become like the sleep deprived parents of a handful of kids who no longer worry about keeping a clean house, have no idea what manners are, or how one keeps the magic alive for their children. The child whines they want a toy, they want a toy, they want a toy and the parent waves their hand and gives in. Just go away. Stop bothering me. I need sleep. Do whatever you want. THAT is how we are dealing with the world around us.

“Someone else decide.”
” Sure, sounds like a good idea.”
” Ya implants for forced sterilization, ok. ”

“Just go away and let me get some sleep.”

And really, who has time to think and worry about the consequences? Who has time to come up with a better solution? We are all just. so. damned. tired.

Maybe it is time to push aside the nuts and berries and roll up the meditation mats and start talking to one another. I am not sure we can do that without being offended with one another, and feeling threatened with different opinions and then reducing the conversation to cheap personal attacks on one another. We seem to have lost a few things in the past decade . . . things like our ability to talk to one another, our ability to listen, our attention span, our ability to problem solve, and our common sense. Most of all we seem to have lost our hope that anything we can do will make a difference.

How are you dealing with life and the problems you see around you in the world? What is your opinion about where we are at and where we are heading? How do you think you can help? How are you involved? Share people. We have to start a dialogue. The fire has to start within each of us and it has to ignite a conversation that fills us all with hope, that opens up new possibilities and unites our efforts in a purpose to start solving the real problems and not just applying bandaids.

The people in the third world countries are not doing OK and frankly I am not OK and neither are you.  The world is falling apart in shattered pieces around us and while we are struggling to make it through the day, plans are being put in place that will make sure the human spirit is forever deadened to ever responding.

It’s time.

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