Aria’s Life Lessons. You Used to Have An Uncle Named Ishmael.


See this big grease spot? Next time you are out walking take a look at how many grease spots there are everywhere.

These “grease spots” are actually what is left of thousands of little children around the world. This is what happens when you do not listen to your mommy and run off on your own across the road, or through the parking lot. You end up as a grease spot. Don’t believe this one was made a heart because that child was special. Children who refuse to hold mommies hand and run off are not “special.” This picture has been Photo Shopped because that is what the world has come to. You cannot believe anything anyone other than your mommy tells you because everyone else is a big fat liar. Even when they show you pictures they are lying. They cheated and made the picture look like something nicer than what it was.

I could prove I am telling you the truth by having you go and ask one of your Auntie or Uncles who let go of my hand and ran out into the street but I can’t.

They are dead.

And grease spots don’t talk.

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