“There are those who are determined to view you as a phony, fraud, or “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”, no matter how aligned, loving, and heart-centered you happen to be. They will label you as inauthentic when you shine a light that reminds them of their inability to recognize the beauty of their own brightness. They will perceive you as out-of-touch or arrogant, when intimidated by the clarity you emanate that is offered as gifts of transformation for the awakening of all.

Anything you say or do, can and will be interpreted by a small but vocal minority, who are hell-bent on finding the evidence that supports the claims of their limiting beliefs, while lashing out, as a way of begging for the attention they withhold from themselves. Whether they use such criticism of you to resolve lingering turmoil from characters in their past, or deny your innocence based on the light within them that others have shut down, each one is only here to be loved as expressions of divinity – no matter how they think, speak, feel, or behave.
You certainly don’t have to spend time matching wits with someone who only fights in attempt to remain shut down and immune to the fear of potential rejection, but they also don’t have to limit your experience. While their projections, beliefs, judgments, and opinions have nothing to do with your experience of reality, it remains their truthful testimony of how deeply they hurt throughout a healing journey they may not know how to resolve. As this is seen, it is your willingness to embrace your own heart, as a way of sending waves of healing energy throughout the Universe to transform the lives of those who hide in the trenches of despair.
While any accusation reveals how intense of healing journey is underway in the one hurling judgments at you, the celebration of your evolution is dependent upon how you respond. When others hurt your feelings, love yourself more often. When others hurt while lashing out at you – embrace the truth of your innocent nature deeper than ever before. Since your heart is the center of the Universe, through the heart that you love all things are transformed. This is the way of the love revolution. Come as you are. Be as you wish. You deserve more love, not less. I love you.”  Matt Kahn

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