The Lion’s Share.

Last night on the news they covered more about the American Dentist who killed the lion, Cecil,  for sport.   I am not mentioning the hunter’s name here for a reason.  The killer said that he did not realize the animal was known, or had a name, or meant anything to its country.  If he had, he would not have killed it.

Doesn’t that sum up some people’s capacity (limitations) for love?  Only if the victim was known to someone, only if they mattered – this is what provides value.   Otherwise, it is a free for all for people like him.  He decided according to his “sport” in that moment.  He did not make sure, he did not research, he paid to kill a lion, he saw a lion, he killed it.  Now he is asking for mercy for his family and decrying the cruelty of people to attack him and them over this.  Again, because he, even being unknown to those strangers, matters . . .  while the lion, does not.

This is the code these types of people live by.  I want to be cruel and do unspeakable things to others, without mercy, as long as I am the perpetrator. Should I become the victim, I can and will play the mercy card to secure my freedom.  I will count on the very people I have wounded, to rise to my defence.

The rules have to apply across the board, and not be a negotiable, ever moving line according to how much lawyer and political power your dollar can buy.  If your reason and capacity precludes you from considering your victim, they should not be played in considering your punishment.  Laws exist, not for the good men who, live their lives with integrity and police themselves, but for those very men like this dentist, who lack the ability for human connection to the planet they share with other people and all of nature.  A good man will punish himself worse than any legal system, if he should err.  Men like this dentist blame everyone else and never lose a moments sleep over the pain they have caused.  We argue leniency with the law while holding up good men as an example when we should only ever discuss law by speaking of those men who will never be brought to their knees by their own disgust of self, or even by the disgust of others.  These men, need the full power of the law to extract from them what their conscience cannot.  His punishment should be a significant period of time caring for the animals he has killed, rescuing them, rehabilitating them.  He should be banned from guns and the “sport” of hunting.

It is one thing to see impoverished people hunting for food for the winter.  It is another to see privileged wealthy men flying into pristine, protected areas and “bagging” a wild animal to be stuffed and shown off in a dusty room in a house big enough to shelter dozens of people but probably only him and his girlfriend on a sometimes weekend.

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