Our “Not All Women Have Vaginas,” World.


We have truly slipped over the edge and the fact people are sitting there, conducting their business with their serious faces on, is damn scary.   Remember when you were a kid and something happened and you started to laugh hysterically at how absurd it was and then you realized that no-one else was laughing?  You stop and then try to taper off the laughter looking into the faces of everyone else who is not only NOT laughing, they are looking at you like you are crazy?  Remember that?

That was my reaction to all of this.

We have jumped from individuals who are unwilling to take personal responsibility for their own lives by deflecting and focusing on what is wrong with everyone else and what they should be doing, to entire groups doing it to one another, to now world wide legislation.  People we are talking about controlling our speech and our very thoughts here.  This may seem helpful or some awesome movement to some idiot somewhere but the greater long term cost is going to be immeasurably damaging.  

Do you get this?  It is as if they want to deny truth by spoon feeding us words that further their agenda and make the lie acceptable.  Remember that when they come up with campaigns, intended to direct the public towards a viewpoint, an action or a purchase, the first thing they do is carefully pick and control the language.  When the US sent their soldiers to Vietnam they desensitized them towards the idea of killing another human being by referring to the Viet Cong as “gooks.” The Africans brought over as slaves were not humans, they were “niggers.”   When the whole abortion movement began they purposely chose words that side stepped the reality of what they were doing.  Dr. Bernard Nathanson, one of the founding members of NARAL talked about this at length.

Changing words does not change the truth.  It just makes the lie more palatable.  Use and hear words often enough and they become part of your thoughts.

Please read and watch the following links, and for the love of God, we need to wake up.

Twitter Characterizes Disagreeing With Someone’s Opinion as “Abusive Behavior”

And this video breaks it all down.

4 thoughts on “Our “Not All Women Have Vaginas,” World.

    • We seem to be pretty good at ignoring people who try to help or point where we should be looking, don’t we? I keep waiting for people I interact with to react, to be disgusted, to think this has to be a bad joke, something … but they just hit a new level on candy crush and they can’t hear me.


  1. This whole subject would be hilarious if it wasn’t so disturbing, the reported .05% of the worlds population are now dictating to the rest of the world how we should be controlled, unbelievable. (scary)


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