“She put a hand against her chest. “We’re born with everything in here — everything we need to be happy and whole. But as soon as life starts frightening us, we give away pieces of ourselves to make the danger go away. It’s an insidious trade: you want life to stop scaring you, so you give it parts of yourself. You give away your pride, your honesty, your dignity, or your courage…When all you feel is fear, you don’t need dignity. So you don’t mind giving that away — at the moment. But you regret it later, oh boy do you ever, because we need all those pieces to be complete.”  Johnathan Carroll

3 thoughts on “Quote

  1. You are stunningly funny,insightfully descriptive of the meaning.
    “Compassion”.Fearlessly uninhabited to dispise an injustice and so aware today
    my soul is calm. Perception is never reality. Truth like the drink of the sea salty as it may be we all agree it is never sweet to deceive anyone much less a child.
    Thank you,


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