Immunization The Debate That Never Ends


Dialogue is the substance of effective problem solving. A topic alone can be too broad and ends up with people on opposing sides shouting rhetoric at one another that does not even remotely resemble the give and take of meaningful discussion. People come to these situations with a suitcase full of catchy phrases and half stated facts from half read articles that came to them on Facebook during one evening commute home on the train. The object of the exchange seems to be to unpack that suitcase as quickly as one can, flinging the phrases with all the strength you can muster, and then to grab the empty suitcase and head home.

Any discussion of vaccinations needs to be done with one clear premise in place. BOTH SIDES ARE DOING WHAT THEY BELIEVE TO BE IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THEIR CHILD. THEY WANT THEIR CHILDREN TO LIVE.  The disagreement is over whether or not today’s vaccinations aid or hinder a child.  No-one is suggesting we ignore serious childhood diseases and expose everyone to an epidemic. People are questioning what is being added to the vaccinations, and if there is a possible agenda being furthered here that has nothing to do with anyone’s health.  So actually, the “war” should not be between the parents on either side of the issue, the “war” should be between ALL parents and government/medicine/science.

Tell us the truth and what is in the vaccines you are giving us. Tell us the truth about communicable diseases.  We need to stop the conflicting information and provide the information in a way that is understood by everyone and agreed upon.  Who do we trust?  Where do we get the answers we need?

I think everyone today understands we are past the point where we can look to a profession and accept that everyone in it has a good heart and is only motivated by a deep desire to help mankind.  We all know that people are willing to risk horrible consequences for others, to further their own selfish agendas.  We are not naive children believing in world peace anymore.

The following article prompted today’s blog. I am hoping you will read it and discussion will ensue. It should evoke many questions. Let’s admit that it is provided by a website traditionally known for its anti-vaccine stance.  Surely we are capable of understanding a bias, taking that into consideration, and working around it.  We all have a bias that we bring to any discussion and we can effectively deal with it by simply being upfront. Weigh this with that in mind.  There is still a lot of information in the article that is worth researching and discussing.

2016 could maybe be a year where we stop acting like Jr. High students fighting over stuff we know nothing about and instead, start behaving like adults who care. We can’t care about the environment, or animals, or children, or Christians, or white people, or our card group as if we see us all as separate entities.  We don’t have to fight or disagree with anyone who is not part of our personal “groups.”

If we care, we should care about everyone.

Let’s solve problems together. Let’s share the information we have and sort out the facts from the bullshit. Together we are a formidable force. Divided, we are already victims, weakened and manipulated by the real enemy. We either work to save mankind, or line up for our sheep gear.

It begins with being open and listening. It involves discussion. It involves organizing our response in such a way that we demand the truth and then, most important, that we act on the truth that best provides for everyone’s needs, recognizing that no-one is always going to get everything they want. We compromise at times because someone living is more important than us not liking a certain flavour of something.

I have questions, like why have we jumped from a couple of vaccinations that lasted our lifetime to now dozens needed with all these booster shots besides?  Why?  I also want to know how immunized children can be impacted if another child in their class is not.  Isn’t the idea behind immunization that it protects one from the disease?   I also want to know how these studies and numbers are collected.  Who did the testing?  How was it done?  Are we ever going to talk about how science has now proven that the intent of the person conducting the experiment impacts the outcome?

It is not a matter of winning or being right, it is about making choices that are right for all the children, ours and everyone else’s.  THAT is worth fighting for, and worth burying the hatchets and working together over.

Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us

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