“This is a familiar scenario in our homes, in our workplaces, in our communities, even when we’re just driving our cars. We’re just driving along and someone cuts in front of us and then what? Well, we don’t like it, so we roll down the window and scream at them. War begins when we harden our hearts, and we harden them easily—in minor ways and then in quite serious, major ways, such as hatred and prejudice—whenever we feel uncomfortable. It’s so sad, really, because our motivation in hardening our hearts is to find some kind of ease, some kind of freedom from the distress that we’re feeling.”  Pema Chodron

Adults Are Ruining More Than Just a Holiday.

cancel easter

The Pez annual Easter Egg Hunt for Children, in Connecticut had to be cancelled. It wasn’t because of “the kids these days” either. Nope, it was because of the people in charge of raising “the kids these days” – their parents.

Pushy parents spoil Pez Easter egg event in Orange

Adults suck because they are always painting their own agendas, fears, insecurities, beliefs, etc . . . all over the innocence and fun of children. Children are capable of running and playing and having fun with all the other kids. They win, they lose, they share. When they don’t share, the natural consequences of the herd take care of that. The other kids stop wanting to play with you until you learn to share.  No-one gets killed or trampled in the process, you just learn that “friends” require give and take.

This Easter, one family of grandkids arrived at our home for an Easter egg hunt. It contained an older sister and 3 very close in age, very aggressive, very male, little boys.  They ranged in age from 2 – 5 and are constantly competing for all things life.  As they ran back and forth on the lawn finding their eggs to put in their “baskets” there were shouts of happiness and good natured taunting. There was some impromptu racing for the egg spied across the yard in the birdbath, a little bit of shoving, but mostly laughing. In the end, all tired and sweaty, proud of their efforts, they handed over their eggs to be put into the fridge to keep them from melting. No-one cared about counting who had the most. In the end, when they came out of the fridge, the children wanted them divided between them all, regardless of who had found them. Kids are capable of a heck of a lot of decent human behaviour when the adults can just back off and not project all their own crap all over them. Continue reading

Deconstructed Fashion for Walmart Shoppers. Outfit #271


I am not saying that I don’t have compassion for this model and the fact that she was attacked by a herd of pheasants on the way to the fashion shoot but I don’t think she is “Shmizing” with her eyes like Tyra says models should and making “duck lips” only draws attention to the dead pheasant on her head.  The only positive thing I can say about this whole presentation is that it appears she nailed her pose … I think those are nails in her boots.  Also, I think Models should be more appreciative of the fact they are making all kinds of money just to not eat and then stand there.  Of course, it is possible that her grandma showed up and is in the audience and has once again taken out her teeth and removed her bra and that look is just an “are you freaking kidding me?  Not again.  I am really sick to death of grandma and her damn shenanigans.”   If that is the case, I would apologize – providing someone can supply me with pictures as proof, and the judge says it is either apologize or jail.  I will not die for fashion.  I like to eat too much.