Is Life Just a Fairy Tale After All?

fairy tales for women

Yesterday at the hair salon I picked up a magazine and read a quote by someone saying something to the effect that people wonder why everyone is so transfixed on Kim Kardashian and his response was that is was because she is so “real.”

I choked on my water.

How the hell did we get here? Can it be possible that an entire generation could be defined by their inability to know the difference between what is real and what is …not? Kim Kardashian is not like anyone I know or have met in the real world. Her lifestyle, her opportunities are not only unattainable for 99.999999% of the population, of what value are they to anyone? Including herself?

Is someone’s life really enhanced by having a whole separate closet for your choices of exercise clothes alone? And if it is, can someone explain it to me? Apart from having more of everything than anyone could possibly need or use in their lifetime, having each of those items singularly cost more than many middle class people’s weekly or even monthly salary, is obscene.  How does it help? Is she a better person because of it? Does she bless the lives of others more because of it? Is the world a better place because of that? And THIS is what we want people to think of as normal so that they all spend their lives trying to achieve it, fail, and then, also fail to have ever done one thing that might have actually been normal and worthy of a spent life?

Perhaps the person who made the comment was referring to her looks? Again, are you kidding me? At least the transgendered community has the sense to call Bruce Jenner on his efforts. Who couldn’t look awesome with the best of everything and everyone dressing you?  Bruce/Caitlyn has had the best plastic surgeons, the best hair and make-up people, designers clamouring to provide clothes.  Good for the transgendered community on refusing to embrace him as an example of their lives and struggles.  Many of them fight a long life long battle to be able to present to the world the person that they see as themselves.  The money to achieve that is just one mountain, never mind all the expertise, help, support and promotion of the media.  How can we allow women then to ignore the same complaints when it comes to defining “normal” for women?   Kim Kardashian is not the girl next door, or even the girl in the next state or country. She may not even be the girl on the next planet.

She is a manufactured THING. She traded normal to be a brand that is capable of raking in millions of dollars.  I suspect she has done that by paying people to tell everyone she is awesome because she is so real.  Regardless, she sold her soul for cash.  The Kim Kardashian Machine is now so big that it is the only real thing left of a young woman who, once real, was all the things we should wish for any of our daughters.  I doubt even she has the ability to pull any of it back in at this point.

Brands count on their recognizability, so that pretty much puts aging out of the question. Look forward to seeing her presented at later dates in a vacuum-sealed bell jar or a vat of formaldehyde.  No-one wants to be sold that aging is attractive or the new vogue.  People want proof that youth can be bought and if she cannot fake it, they will replace her in a heartbeat.

I drove the whole way home scouring the streets for someone, anyone who is living a “normal life” like Kim, that would look at her and say “I like her because she is just like me.”

I couldn’t find any.

Most “real” people are too busy living their life . . . every real, heart breaking, joyous, sweating, wonderful, painful moment of it . . . to stop and pose for the cameras.

I have never been so grateful to realize that if Kim is real, I, and my fellow earth citizens, are probably just figments of our imagination.   WE are the fairy tales.  I kind of like that, considering ….

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