“The most ironic quality about oppression is its muted paradox. It is a loud thunder in your heart, your mind, your actions, but a silent, long suffering. Most times, we are taught diplomacy is rewarded, and a few special times your blood boils. You are brave enough to throw daggers at those who pain you. This is what I believe in. I am not sweet, I am not tepid or bland. I am fire. You must confront oppression, of any source, no matter how small the injustice, by holding a mirror over everybody’s fucking face, even if the mirror is broken. Don’t fear a little blood. If you must, cut yourself in the shards of the reflection. Give a face to ugliness. Those who wrong you, must be acutely aware of their impression. This is not passion, or courage, it is simply an individual truth. If I hurt, if I suffer, I will ferociously roar and awake your unconsciousness.”  Unknown

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