Today’s Food For Thought


Life has given me everything. Every experience has taught me, whether positive or negative, every lesson has been perfectly delivered to burn its message deep into my heart. Sometimes I have fought the lesson and had to repeat the learning but all that I am today, I am because I have lived it.

If I am kind it is because I have chosen to be kind, over and over again. I cannot have lived a life of cruelty and revenge and be kind today. What I choose this very moment creates in me who I am. It changes and impacts the person I was before the action and it influences the person who will act in the next moment. Because I am imperfect and make mistakes, the only way to move forward in an effective way is to hold on to the lesson from the mistake and carry it forward to help me with the next lesson.

Every time I chose to deny who I was and try to adopt what others thought I should be, I gave away something so precious . . . Some of it I have never been able to get back. Our actions define us. Every single one of them, no matter how small.

I was lucky enough to have been born as a weirdo. I was weird because my brain was not wired to see things, to process them, in the same way, that everyone else did. I was not wanted as a child. I was usually alone, and seldom had friends who understood me. I learned that I could do it. I could make it without their help. I could figure things out on my own. I live my life unapologetically as who I am. I do things my way. I give myself permission to be me.

I am not special, or perfect, or some famous millionaire. But I am an awesome me. I took what I was given and I learned to love and nurture it and not just wish it away.


Today I see around me so many others who also do not fit in. I see kids who are struggling in their own skin and all I want to say to all of you, is to hang in there. It will be so worth it. Don’t listen to what others are saying. Don’t you dare lay down one iota of your own soul to try and win someone over or to be allowed to attend their parties. You will survive growing up, you will never survive the loss of your own soul to an empty meaningless game based on how best you can take advantage of everyone else.

Life is not a game. You are blessed enough to see that. You were born awake. There is a reason for that.

If you close your eyes and listen you will understand and you will find a way to be every ounce as great as you are meant to be. Not because you are somehow more special than anyone else, but because you are willing to trade a handful of pretty glass for something real. You are willing to cry, to laugh . . . To feel, to be engaged in the world around you, even if it cuts you and you bleed. Yes, it will be hard and at times you will feel so alone but look around you and see, just by being you, you are allowing others to do the same.


Those people who don’t include you, who laugh and try to hurt you, they will be fighting their demons all of their life because they do not know what you and I have always known … there are no demons “out there.” “THEY” are not the problem. The only demons that exist are the ones we shelter and invite by our fears. Our fear is that we will never have enough because we will never be enough. We lash out at one another because it is easier to hate than to believe in ourselves and allow our own light to shine strong enough that we never have to become preoccupied or threatened by another’s light. You can leave them to their own unhappiness and stay focused on your own path.

There may not be a lot of people in your life, but you will learn from every single person that shows up, even if it is only to throw bricks. You will find those that share a similar journey and you will be inspired to see and experience life in a way that most people are unaware even exists. Don’t trade in a single fibre of who you are for anyone or anything. Don’t doubt just because your life cannot be measured in dollars or facebook “likes.” Place your hand over your heart and know that everything, that is anything in this world, is there. It is yours. What you see and feel is real. Trust it. Be you.

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