Arf, Arf, Arf.


Is there anyone else but me that is fed up with this whole credit card fee scam that is going on right now with retailers and service providers?

I did not want a credit card. I held out as long as I could, insisting on paying cash until it became impossible to do the things I wanted/needed to do in my life without a credit card. Try booking a hotel room or a rental car without one.

So now after all the effort made to convince us that credit cards are much simpler and easier for us to use, they have reversed their position. We are being charged a fee for the extra effort they have to make to process our payment.  Most of us don’t even bother with cash anymore.  First, it was the ease and beauty of the credit card and then we had debit cards that directly accessed our bank accounts. A credit card can be slipped in a pocket, tucked in your bra, goes in a tiny handbag.  We were free!!   Once the internet happened, they created a system that made us even more dependent on our credit cards. Just enter your details and shop away.  Book anything.  Do it from the convenience of your home or during that wasted commuting time.  We could even process transactions with other people buying our services, through our phones.

But all of a sudden, they need to charge an extra fee.  They didn’t want to say anything before, we were all having such fun, but processing those credit cards was just about killing them with the effort it takes.

The banks convinced us all to use banking machines to get our money. “It saves on the costs of employees and allows the customer access to the banking services 24/7.” Yet now, we pay a fee for all those transactions that ends up being more than what it would have cost to pay an employee for their time. If a banker has to sneeze, we pay a fee for the effort it will take them to have to reach for a kleenex.  Bank fees are the most ridiculous and blatant theft going on. And yet, most of us just pay them and don’t even glance at the money flowing out of our accounts at a regular and alarming rate.

I am sick of being lied to, manipulated and used like I haven’t a single brain cell to save myself. And I am not sure what makes me more angry – the banks and retailers – or the people who just sit back and shrug and accept that is just the way it is.

We are freaking trained barking seals.

It will get to where the credit cards will be deemed to risky, too bulky, too difficult. They will probably even bring in a global warming/save the planet argument into the promotional campaign. “Think of all that plastic we will keep out of the landfills.” People will be arguing on Facebook and name shaming those who still use plastic.   Everyone will line up like barking seals to get microchipped. “No-one will ever be able to steal you identity again!” (arf, arf) “It’s easy, it is exactly the same hand movement you are already using to just wave your credit card over the scanner,” (arf, arf, arf)

Aren’t they clever, how they have been thinking about us and helping us to prepare for this step by step so that we are all on board?  All the seals, conditioned to just go along with it and think they are really looking out for us.  Thank heavens for the government and how good they are to trained seals.

Once we are microchipped it will be too late. We are done.

They will know every single thing about you, where you are, where you have been, your habits, your DNA, your physical health, what you eat, when you lie, and on, and on, and on. They can take your money anytime they want. They say you owe more taxes – money gone. They say you did not pay your insurance – money gone. No need for courts, for mediation – what they say goes.  Instant court, instant punishment. You protest, chip gets turned off. You don’t eat, you can’t go anywhere, you can’t enter any buildings, you can’t get your medicine. You can’t move until you comply.

At one time people used to worry when their kids would go off and join strange groups of people who dressed funny and lived together in the woods, chanting and praying.  Cults take you away from society.   Well the biggest “cult” this world will ever know, is out of the woods. It has come to get us all. Step by step, they are setting the stage, leading us down the path, passing laws, selling us crap, poisoning our minds and bodies, and distracting us. We are slaves to whatever is put before us.  Put a shirt on a Kardashian and everyone runs to buy it. (arf) New phone out, got to have it. (arf) New Movie, got to see it. (arf) We don’t have time for life, we don’t want to look up from our smart phones.  Even the news is produced for maximum entertainment value, better than a carnival ride, moving our emotions over to fear until we yawn, even when the rollercoaster car flies down the biggest drop. We can’t see what is happening.  We don’t feel anything anymore.

Just keep on eating your popcorn, surfing You-Tube for another hilarious animal loop. Don’t worry about a thing. We will send you a bill for the new fee they need to charge for processing your mouse click to your computer. Best wear this protective device around your ankle to make sure that you do not get a shock from the high powered game you are playing. They will ground it to a big metal ring on the floor.   Coca-Cola anyone?

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