WORD'S WORTH“Generally, the great ones have begun with a deep skepticism about popular or traditional religion and man’s power to influence God or the gods. Their insights have been derived from an overwhelming experience of a reality beyond themselves rather than a postulate. They have matured with moral growth rather than intellectual effort. They are usually skilled thinkers, but when they have offered explanations, the explanation is clearly a by-product, rather than an object in itself.

Wherever the great mysticism has come, it has offered to replace popular or local religion with a new and universal allegiance. Folk beliefs about gods and spirits give place to a metaphysic of the utmost generality for those who can rise to it. The mystic’s passion is satisfied only with the sense of the Ultimate Reality, the God, Godhead or Godness that is the back of the world of mind and nature.”  R.B. Blakney

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