Pretty Sure the Water is Boiling.


I am not sure why there are still so many people on this planet earth who are completely unaware of how much their day to day lives are manipulated by people with agendas that have nothing to do with looking out for our welfare.

Our minds have been systematically lulled into a state of comatose until we are nothing more than mere puppets, moving with each tug on our strings to a perfectly choreographed dance. The dance is about us doing exactly what they want us to until we have moved so far down a dark and bumpy road that we can never make our way back.

Someone bottled water and started to sell it. At first, it was all about appearing chic, a new accessory to flaunt around, like a designer bag, proving you were truly one of the beautiful people. People were recreating scenes from “The Princess and the Pea,” when they ordered water with fancy names in restaurants as if their constitutions were too delicate to drink mere tap water. Then they started carrying it around with them and now, everyone buys water when they can merely turn on the tap and get a drink and fill their own bottle.

We watch whatever they dangle in front of our social media pressed faces about inane subjects and empty ridiculous people. We spend hours looking at the Kardashians who are simply people making money off of our appetite to spend hours looking at them. Who are they? What have they done that makes them people to admire, let alone role models? The whole world was caught up in an “anorexia forever” fury as the standard of beauty one moment and then the next, with a wave of a hand, everyone has moved to big butts, big breasts and enough plastic surgery to bring Play Doh back into vogue.

The evening news plasters poorly researched, completely hyped and skewed “news” stories that may not contain ANY facts at all. Add, stir vigorously and you have a lovely emotion cake ready for the oven.  People swarm into the streets, ready to kill someone, and even one another. FAKE tragedies and emergencies are created. Fake terror attacks dot our daily news and we happily go to war. Someone must die, right?  Our leaders point to the horizon and where we should direct our hate and we get on the bus to insanity and strap ourselves in.  And worse, we just nod while the government tells us they will pass a law, allowing them to monitor us more closely, keep us more contained, intervene in our lives more because WE bought into their orchestrated fear and ASKED them to do exactly what they wanted.  Creating that fear is key.  Using it to achieve their outcome is the goal.  Step by step they move us further down that dark road, with each event robbing us of just a little more of our ability to self-determine anything.

This is not about them caring about us or wanting us to be safe.  This is about us giving up every right we have. It is about us becoming such robotic sheep that we just blindly follow anything and everything.  So those in power have recreated the puppet dance in every aspect of our lives.

As long as someone creates the illusion that other people support or are buying anything, we are sold. If beautiful people are doing it, we want to do it too.  That is how little we value ourselves. Despite all the “love yourself” diatribe plastered across virtual reality in pretty and compelling posters, we have no sense of ourselves, our worth or our power.  We take no responsibility for our own lives.  We don’t really have a clue about who we are or what we even want.  We sell out at every opportunity and with it, we gamble away even the lives of our own children.

We have moved beyond the place where we can just sit and contemplate our navel while playing soothing music, eating granola, and burning incense. We have to wake up and recognize we are all frogs, the water has been boiling for quite some time, and that sleepiness you are feeling is actually the very thing you should be fearing.


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