Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood.


Just stop.

Both candidates are an embarrassment. The office of President of the United State should have invited the most upstanding candidates. It should have fielded a whole group of respectable, compassionate, dynamic, accomplished people from among the ranks of all of you, but it didn’t. This campaign has left everyone wondering if this wasn’t some kind of sick joke.

No matter who you supported, I am sorry to break it to you, but your candidate is a criminal whose position and affluence has allowed them to avoid prosecution over matters that should sicken all of you. There is no sense in you pointing at or name calling Trump because Clinton has done the same and worse. And no sense cheering on what a champion Trump is because he won – the man is a completely loose cannon.

Are you really wanting someone to shoot Trump? Do you want America bathed in violence with Martial Law imposed? Are you seriously calling for people to boycott the Academy Awards or to interrupt the Inauguration? What do you think is going to happen? Do you think there is a “someone” who will stand up and say, “wait, it is clear to see that a lot of American’s are upset, we can’t let the elected president take office now,” or “wow, Trump got really bad ratings on the Inauguration, I bet Hillary would have done better, you know what, let’s have her be President instead?” And even if there was a “someone” who could do that, what would it accomplish? Everyone would just change seats and the fighting would resume.

I am watching people I respect joining in on what has become one big playground battle where the kids are all gathered and are hurling insults back and forth at one another. AND the ONLY thing all of this is achieving is to divide a country and to fill that divide with hate – not of a candidate or an issue or even this joke of an election process – but of one another. People are deleting anyone who voted for the other party. Friends are walking away from friends. Neighbours are targeting each other. People are being bashed. What are you accomplishing?

If the intelligent people have stooped this low, no-one is going to be able to insanity that will be triggered in those who have no moral compass. Some of these people don’t know that you are being amazingly witty and that you didn’t really mean it – they take it as permission and may be out putting together a bomb as we speak. Think about how your words fuel those people’s fire?

What if this was the whole point of this circus? What if it never mattered who won, as long as half of the people were stirred up and angry enough about false accusations and campaign tricks that they took it to the streets, to social media, to everywhere. What if the goal was to have American turn on American, consumed with their anger, distracted enough for a whole other agenda to be carried out? What if you are all being played?

Regardless, this will not heal when the election is a distant memory. This is becoming a life choice that is defining damn destructive behaviour. THIS is how wars start.

For the love of God people, STOP IT! You are the only hope you all have of getting out of this mess and it only works if you stop fighting one another and start working together. Find a way to take back America but believe me when I say, it has nothing to do with one side wanting gay marriages and one side not. It has to do with the fact you have bought into the idea that you are enemies of one another, instead of a people trying to self-determine how to want to live in your own country.

I have always loved “America, The Beautiful,” and particularly these lines:

“O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved,
And mercy more than life! . . .”

I hope America still has a few of those kind of heroes . . .

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