Go Ahead, Unfriend Me.


The emotions we hold in our body speak to our brains and tell it to start producing life-affirming or life-denying chemistry. That chemistry impacts all our organs and floods our body. Positive emotions cause life-enhancing chemistry to be released and negative emotions cause the release of life-denying chemistry.  Fear, anger and hate are some of the most negative emotions we feel while love and compassion are the most powerful, positive emotions.

We are killing ourselves by defining our lives with hate.

I will talk with anyone but I will not allow hate into my conversations or my space. I am in control of me and I choose to hold onto love with all my being.

I will be clear that I am done with people and groups who can scream for hours about their hate, but say nothing about their plan. Tell me who you are and what you think. Help me to understand why you think the way you do and how you got there. That matters more to me than you talking about all the things you have heard other people say. I want to know why YOU are fighting racism. What happened to you that made this your issue? How did what happened,  impact you? What are you doing now to address the problem? What is the plan?

If you are going to pull from what other people said then I need to know who said it and when? What was the context? What else was said at the time by anyone, or everyone? I need to know where you found it and I will read it for myself. Then I will want to discuss it with you and share my thoughts.  Those thoughts may be different than yours.  I may reach a different conclusion.  Can you be open to that?

I need us both to be grown up enough to admit when we are wrong.  I am not about “winning,” nor do I have a need to be right.   I will change my stand or open myself to a deeper understanding or appreciation of the subject if you provide information or evidence that teaches me more than what I previously understood or took into consideration when forming my opinion.  I freely admit I do not know everything and that I have been and can be, “wrong.”  We have to both be open to that being a possibility and to not fear it. What is to fear? That we grow and expand our awareness?

Why are we so afraid of being wrong? Life is not a win/lose situation. It is a search for meaning and truth so that we can all be the best human beings we can be. My wanting a safe world should not be seen as a road block to your vision.  It is not an either/or.  It could possibly be an “and” situation, but how will we ever know if we can’t even talk about it?

My position is simple.  It is the one I always take.  I am willing to work with others who see the world differently than I do, but I am resolute on not engaging the arrogant or the unteachable. You will have to rant and rave without an audience.  Nor will I be your “opponent.”  You have every right to see and do things your way, but I choose peace. That means, if you can only speak in terms of your anger and hate, there is no place for you in my space. If that offends you, then we can both agree that the door is closed on any reason for further communication. I will not be held prisoner by your anger and hate.  I have zero tolerance. There is no space for you here in my life, be it online or in real life. So thank-you. Go ahead, unfriend me.

I have zero tolerance when it comes to dealing with a mindset devoid of any love. There is no space for you here in my life, be it online or in real life. So thank-you for saving me the trouble, please, go ahead, unfriend me.

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