I am His Hands. He is My Eyes.

Some people see limits where other people see possibilities.  Some people say, “I can’t” when others always “can.”  Some people give up and others never quit trying.

Somewhere in the pain of life we find our path.  We fight against our circumstances which are always more than we ever knew.  We curse God.  We hurt the people we love the most.  We run until we realize we can never outrun ourselves and there is nothing to do but to sit with those circumstances and learn the lessons.

How lonely we all are in our own lives, swinging away at our demons and fighting off the monsters that stalk us through the night.  How much easier life would be if we could only stop working so hard at keeping up our image that all of life’s lessons seem to assert as the only thing worth fighting for.  We have to be strong.  We have to be successful.  We have to be perfect… even when all we want to do is cry.

Finding someone to hold us is harder than it looks.  Finding a friend who will take the time to know us and will love us warts and all can take a lifetime of searching.  Finding a partner often takes us prisoner on journeys that are more painful than anything else we face.  Why do people who say they love us, leave us and then make it their mission to try an destroy us?   How can we forgive them when we are not even sure that God exists anymore?  He answered the prayer of the girl who wanted to make the cheer leading squad but he cannot hear a man pray to be able to see his own children.  He cannot hear a mother, whose life is shattered pieces of heart and blood, scattered across the floor.  Who would want to believe in a God that cares more about cheer squads than he does people praying for their children as the bombs drop and rip them into shreds?

Maybe we were never meant to focus on a throne so far above us we cannot see.  Maybe God tucked enough of himself in all of us for us to take care of one another.  Maybe we are meant to see the need within us all and be the answer to our prayers.

Stories like this inspire us.  Ignite the fire within and look around and see the need in others.  Heal one another with you.  We all have something we can give.  Most of us have much more than these two men ever had, and look what they accomplished.

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