The Hidden Truth About The Dangers of Abortion.


Recently I have been reading quite a bit about concerns over the falling rates of fertility and the declining birth rates, especially in the US. People are questioning what is happening and citing all kinds of reasons.

After 15 years of research, working with women who had abortions, women from all walks of life, cultures and beliefs, from different countries and experiences, I wrote a book on our findings. Primarily I relied on the information we gleaned from working with women to talk about and counsel regarding their abortions.

OF course, no-one wanted to publish it because what we learned flew in the face of any information on abortion that was available at the time. Publishers either declined outright or they wanted permission to use the information (and myself) to further their agendas. By the time I wrapped up my work (due to my husband’s illness and subsequent death) I was focused solely on the information we had gathered on the women who had aborted, and the what the impact had been on them if any.

We gathered only what information the women volunteered about their lives, there was no questionnaire, no guided interview. They contacted us when they needed us, shared what they wanted to. We had no goal for the counselling other than to offer support to each woman. No-one had to change their religion, their Pro-Life or Pro-Choice stance to receive help.  I wanted the world to hear from those women because while everyone fights to gain her ear once she is pregnant, no-one wants to hear from her after the pregnancy is over.

We saw women being manipulated by both sides of the debate, not always on purpose but also as a direct result of there not being any real information to foster meaningful sensitivity.

I wanted to see if we could better understand why women choose abortion. I wanted to understand what effect, if any, it had upon them. I wanted to understand if their needs were actually being met.

I spent years speaking on this, in regards to my own experience and the many women who I spoke and counselled with.  A large number of these women interacted with us over a good deal of the 15 years.  Pro-Life was the only group interested in hearing what we had to say. I believe the information we supplied helped many of the groups to streamline their outreach to these women.

We noted all the physical, emotional and spiritual difficulties experienced by these women. In compiling the lists we soon observed how many of the physical issues often meant one thing, that these women were having difficulty getting pregnant when the time came that they actually wanted to carry a baby to term.   Too many of them were unable to conceive at all.

Added to the physical damage, the emotional toll often resulted in problems and issues that both, directly and indirectly, impacted their ability to conceive or carry a baby to term.

This information was gathered and known in the late 80’s. Imagine, if that understanding had been out there, had been shared with all the women when it came time to decide on whether to abort?

People argue over the women but who is really listening to them? Who is really identifying the specific needs and issues for the women? Abortion has been front and centre on the world stage for decades. Almost everything connected to it has defined and divided women and yet it remains an issue where we have the LEAST understanding about because we have done the absolute LEAST amount of research. We are still arguing back street abortions even though we have had legalized abortions for decades. The vast majority of women who have abortions have them in a clinic run by Planned Parenthood who claims to have all the answers for women, or in a hospital setting. Parading out the back street story is every bit as manipulative as Pro-Choice claims Pro-Life employs by showing beautiful baby pictures.

We have been told this is a fight for “women’s rights,” that it is their “right to choose.” Well if you respect and care about women then any program meant for them should be one where a woman is supported, in her circumstances, to address all the correct information about what is happening to her and the baby, and then to provide her with the legal options available to her, providing support to her for whatever choice she makes. NOT giving her all the information supposes her to be incapable to either processing or handling such information and suggesting to her that the life she carries inside is mere “tissue” deepens the impact of the abortion experience for her.

In conjunction with that immediate correction to the current practices, like it or not we have got to address WHY so many intelligent ADULT women, who are better educated, who have complete and open access to all things sexual and contraceptives, are still getting pregnant. Women who have one abortion are likely to have a second. Even Margaret Sanger, in her interview with Mike Wallace September of 1957, says that she saw so many women wanting to terminate, particularly when they got pregnant too quickly after their last birth or abortion. Consider the millions of reported abortions that occur each year.  Compare the numbers of abortion even when it was first legalized with now.  Consider the facts I mentioned earlier:

1. Never have women been more educated.
2. Casual sex is an accepted part of society with very few taboos left at all.
3. Some form of Sex-education is taught in every grade from kindergarten and up.
That Sex-education is detailed and very explicit and has no moral judgement or
restrictions in its scope or subject material.
4. Movies, television, music, video games, advertising are blatantly sexual and suggest acceptability and demonstrate all aspects of human sexual contact.
5. Pornography is readily available.
6. Contraceptives of all kinds are easily available and education regarding them is also extensive.

Are women too stupid to understand how to buy or use contraceptives? Did they fail sex-ed? Do they not understand how their own body works? Are they incapable of “planning” for pregnancy? Perhaps the contraceptive companies should be sued or shut down for providing such faulty products?

Why isn’t anyone asking these questions?

It is ridiculous that abortions have increased despite the big sell we were all given by Planned Parenthood about how impactful to fixing the problem of unplanned pregnancies it could be if we would just support sex-ed in the schools, more open attitudes towards sex and free and easy access to abortion. Their plan has been in place for decades and it has increased the problem by MILLIONS upon MILLIONS.

Abortion has nothing to do with women’s rights and everything to do with killing babies, controlling population, and causing moral decline that deadens us to our ability to empathize and care for one another. The babies are the obvious first line of victims to these people, but the women are the second. If you have any belief in a higher power then you know the babies are innocents who are not to blame and most likely reside in a better place, but the women are here, among us. You cannot trample on the very thing our bodies were made for and suggest that it is a choice as if we are deciding today whether to wear our blue shoes or our pink. None of us can deny our biology without there being a cost. Destroy the women, destroy humanity.

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