Paedophilia, The War For Our Minds.

mind control

Someone asked me about why I am so concerned about the shows, the comedians etc … talking about paedophilia like it is no big deal. What is the harm? It is just entertainment after all, isn’t it?

Predictive programming.

It’s a form of mind control.  It is a way of steering people by putting ideas and thoughts into our consciousness so that it becomes common, acceptable, no big deal. You think you are being entertained but you are being programmed. Why do people advertise using all the forms of media? Because it works. Repetition trains our thinking – this is why education used rote for so many years to learn the alphabet, counting, multiplication tables, etc.  Annoying ads are effective because we have a strong emotional reaction to them and that becomes a trigger to lead us to think of the company or product when we have need of what they are selling. We may not want to, but we cannot help ourselves.

If we have been sitting in front of a screen for some time we are in a state similar to hypnosis where the things we are hearing skip right by our conscious mind and lodge with complete acceptance into our sub-conscious.   We absorb whatever is presented to us.  Abhorrent things are stopped at the border of our minds. THAT is the function of our conscious mind. Each human being gets to decide for themselves what is acceptable and what is not. Most normal people, given the option of seeing a horrific image of a dead child, will choose NOT to look at it. We don’t want that image in our recall, but even when we see or hear something our intellect or beliefs reject if we are fully conscious and in control, we have the ability to filter what we hear.

Our media screens bypass what we want and allow what someone else has decided to find a place within your head.  Not only do you have a “watch” swinging in front of you that your eyes are focused on (the screen,) our televisions and monitors have a flicker rate that puts us into a highly suggestible state within seconds.

Look back at the films and movies of our past. Were we not coached all along the way? We quickly adopt the words, the music, the actions of what we are seeing.  Entertainment influences what we wear, what we eat, how we act, our expectations, AND our thoughts and feelings. Now, entertainment is everywhere we go and the influence of it spreads. And each wave of entertainment seems to desensitize us so that we don’t even blink to see dead bodies and horrific abuse.  We now crave it and shows without sex, violence, constant adrenaline rushes, just seems to bore us.   Seeing these things all the time suggests they are normal, acceptable, no big deal.  Nothing should be off the table. Those who seek rights should have a movement to secure them and those who try to stop them should be violently opposed, maybe even killed.

There is no other possible outcome of this type of thinking except that we will all be weapons aimed at each other. How can we ever step back and say “no” to anything? How can you tell someone that his wanting to drive drunk should be superseded by your wanting to be safe on the road? He will not be accountable if he should kill someone because it is his right to do what he wants.  This cannot work.

There is only one way for every human to be assured of the same rights as we all have. First, we have to agree that there are limits and those limits have to be set in such a way as to protect the weakest members among us. Secondly, we have to forget about fighting for our individual rights and fight for the rights of everyone else. Think about that for a moment. If you fight for your own rights you are one. Eventually, the way we are going, we will all be islands of one fighting against every other person on this planet because in a world where anything you want to do is your “right” our rights are going to end up being at odds with one another.   If, instead, we make it our business to assure the rights of everyone else instead of just ourselves, then instead of just one person fighting for you, the entire world will be doing that.

We have to wake up to what has been going on and what is going on. There is no winning at the end of this road. We are slowly and systematically being danced away from any real choices for ourselves until we are blocked into a corner that will imprison us with no other move except to do exactly what they tell us to. You should be asking who these people are and what do they want? So far we know they are corrupt,  they have done everything they can to control us and they consider us to be stupid.   They think nothing of the consequences of their actions nor do they care whether we live or die. They destroy our food and our air, they pump us full of poisons, destroying our health. They have impoverished us, bombed us, imprisoned us, raped us, used us, tortured us, torn our bodies and minds apart for their use – sex, sacrifice, cannibalism.  They worship Satan. They hate God and they hate us.

So no, they are not just jokes.  We are being systematically programmed to see and accept people who rape children and babies as normal.

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