Just a Few Questions For the Man-Hating Feminists.


Today I started my day by reading three different stories where incidents had occurred between a woman and a man.  The man was definitely in the wrong in each story, providing that the stories were accurately reported,  but what struck me was where each story led.  Three different writers all ended up with the same theme, one man did a bad thing and therefore all men are bad and women were cautioned to expect the exact same incident from any and all the men that they know.

This seems to be the norm now – the idea that a man is a rapist/pig/stupid/violent/abusive animal, incapable of participating in the same world that women occupy. The jokes are no longer good-natured and funny.  Instead, there is a decided barb to every comment women seem to make about men.  Women are even translating that into promoting and celebrating violence against men.

Who knew that feminism not only intended to secure rights for women but to eliminate men?  I am not sure what they hope to gain by heading down this path because I cannot follow their logic.

I am going to accept the feminist assertion that women have been raising kids alone for decades on account of … rapist/pig/stupid/violent/abusive men, of course. So a good portion of the current crop of rapist/pig/stupid/violent/abusive men were raised by a single mom.

How the hell did you make such a mess of him?

Wait – I know the answer. Because – they are men and aren’t capable of anything else?

So I have some questions? Considering that so many of you insist that your husband and father to your children was an abusive pig that you divorced because you deserve so much more or he cheated on you or abused you . . . considering that you have robbed your children of having a father because he is a deadbeat and you have made sure the children hate him . . . . considering that means that you have raised those children by yourself and done a much better job of it . . . how does your beautiful little boy transition from being a sweet innocent child that you must protect from the rapist/pig/stupid/violent/abusive animal into becoming one himself?

How will you break the news to him?  How will you protect other women?

I realize animal mothers often eat their defective young but it is really hard to eat your young after they hit that 50 lb mark.  Is there a Hallmark card or some kind of ceremony where one designated day at 6:59 PM he is your protected little boy and then at 7:00 PM he becomes a scourge to all womankind? Do you just turn him loose on society, not even attempting to excuse your conditional, temporary, gender-based efforts at parenting? I mean, you raised him without his father, so who is to blame if not you?

I can’t hold you responsible for having tried and failed,  you are a woman after all and it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.  You thought he was a darling little boy but now you can see the whole pig/rapist thing.  You have to stop him from just running free and … living his life on the loose.  Will you start a new movement, one that gives you the right to abort post-natal, say up to 18 years – but only for males?

I know there will be plenty of women that will appreciate your looking out for them.  Sisterhood forever.

Oh wait, you will need to milk him of his sperm first though, right? And what about that income, how will women have babies and be able to take care of them without all their ex-husband’s income?  Maybe enslave him for a while.  And, what will women do for fun if they can’t make his life absolute hell for the rest of his life? There will have to be a new project, a new hobby of some sort that you can share with all the others, possibly something centred around menstrual blood?

Will your daughters one day wake up to the idea that you contradicted yourself (at best) or lied (at worst) when you told them they were powerful, could do anything, and did not need a man? Will they think sisterhood is enough? Will they ever appreciate how hard you have worked and what you have accomplished?  It takes a lot of effort to start a movement intended to secure women equal rights, to represent all women and teach the world that women are every bit as good as men.  Look at you now, the only thing more disgusting and reprehensible to the movement than a woman who still wants to be a real woman, is a man.  And instead of women competing for equality with 1 other gender, you gifted your daughters with 63.  Women and men who actually want to be who they are, don’t even rate really.  They are called “Cisgendered” a term that is already being used in urban speak to describe a “loser.”

So, instead of getting equality, you have destroyed women. They have zero value.

I think some might call that karma.

I call it stupid actually – but then who cares about my opinion? As a Christian, Pro-Life woman who believes in the traditional family and supports human rights for all, including men,  I don’t even have the right to breathe let alone get a seat at the table of the women who march around the world for Women’s Rights.

Is that because this never had anything to do with rights in the first place, but rather your agenda to destroy our societies by attacking the family unit?

You preached “choice.” But what you really meant was YOUR choice. Your hate. Your Agenda. Your disease.

Oh oh wait, I know, have your daughters become men. They will do a much better job, minus the whole rapist/pig/stupid/violent/abusive thing.

I know you can’t see me but I am standing on my chair applauding.

OK, sorry, there is no chair and I am not standing.  And,  I freely acknowledge that throwing up is not applauding . . .

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