Dear Feminists . . .

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Dear Feminists;

You failed. I am taking back my daughters and gathering all my friends, family and neighbours along the way. You have failed, so colossally failed that all that is left is the disturbed sickness that you have painted across everything in your world.

The Women’s Movement was supposed to be a Movement to make sure our rights were law and that we had equal opportunities. We all envisioned a celebration of what we were as women with a world that would finally see and appreciate our strengths and our worth. We never started out with the idea that all men were the enemy and we must destroy them.

But here we are where Feminists only represent the echo chamber women who are willing to abuse and use other women to get what they want. Here we are where you spit on all things that make us women. Here we are where you have taken our strengths and diminished them. Here we are where far too many women are so out of touch with their unique beauty that they abandon all things woman. Here we are where hate and anger are your constant weapons, making anyone who does not adopt these absurdities your enemy.

Once we dreamed of a time when women would take their rightful place in helping to lead and shape our nations and all you have done is prove how incredibly incapable of that women are. When this started we were often labelled and accused of being hysterical, unable to control our emotions and well … look at the way you conduct yourselves. If we had to face court accused of that again, your actions would be the hundreds of stacks of pages of evidence that would overwhelmingly prove their case.

You will go down in history as the women who killed more children than any war killed people.  You are proud of that.  This movement is no longer about women have a seat at the table, it is about destroying that table, the chairs and all the other people who ever thought about sitting there or hoped to one day sit there.  You have taken the one most unique aspect of what makes us women, childbirth, and turned it into some kind of horror you suffer as if you deserve a medal for allowing that to happen to your body.  Mentioning childbirth after all the babies you are responsible for having killed is the height of hypocrisy.  Your children only exist because YOU allowed them to as if you are the God that has the right to decide on life or death of any other human being. Talk about the arrogance of privilege you have assumed in doing so.

I feel sad for all of you feminists who no longer understand anything about being a woman. In my world there exist women who give their lives so that their children might live not because they are “stupid” as some of your ranks have claimed, and not because they have no “choice” but because they love that deeply, deeper than they ever knew possible. They do it because they do have a choice and they would rather lay down their own life than ask a child to sacrifice their own. You remember what happened to you in every gory detail.  You focus on blood and pain and vomit when other women focus on their baby.  In my world the memory of any pain of birth is immediately wiped, replaced by the joy of that birth.

Of course, there are women who suffer from Post-Partum Depression.  It is a recognized Psychiatric Disorder that requires medical treatment,  but it is not the norm and not the way most women respond to birth.

Women’s bodies change with birth and so do we. Not all of us resent that, some of us are proud to live in those bodies with all their imperfections as our badges of honour, the life that we gave as opposed to shouting our abortions with pride for the lives that we killed.

Labour takes you to the knife edge where you can slip over and scream in protest and fight the pain, or you can ride the wave, master it, harness it, guide it. A woman can command that pain to release life from her. Not her own life, but a new life. It is EVERYTHING.

Some of us do rise up from birth, invigorated and thrilled. We are happy. We pick up our baby and we carry on, not because we are oppressed but because we are strong and capable. Long before the feminists ever showed up women had childbirth nailed.  It was not a delicate condition or something to take us to our bed, or even something that should cause us special privilege, but rather a natural part of life. A NATURAL part of LIFE. Most of us forget immediately the pain and suffering BECAUSE a baby is so worth it all.

So yes, I am taking back my daughters. I am rescuing my friends, family and neighbours from the deranged insanity that has become the feminist movement and we will take back our gender and stand proud of all that a woman is.

And we will leave the light on for you … and hope that you find your way back because that is what true sisterhood is all about. We will pray for you.

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