The Words They Choose.


“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”   George Orwell

Behold the game of words. Here is a seemingly innocuous little article about having extra “significant others” in your life because, using the theory in this article, it is unfair to expect your Significant Other (SO) to share everything you enjoy doing.  The chances anyone could is just highly unlikely.

I am posting this to show how this works. Most people are just going to read the article and get on with their day. There is nothing to really respond to, nothing to cheer for or be upset about, it just appears to be more noise in a very noisy world. The article even goes out of its way to be palatable. It clearly states those extra “significant others” should be platonic.

But now you have an idea in your head. This concept will pop up again in other media and formats. It might just be a casual reference to the secondary or third SO in someone’s life.  Eventually,  it will be amended in the Urban Dictionary to a new meaning and soon we will all be slapping the phrase down with confidence, feeling relevant and all PC in our efforts.

Years ago, couples had “sexual intercourse,” something married couples did, that was associated mainly with reproduction. Sexual is an interesting word because it is anchored in being male or female and pertains to copulation or generation.

The 70’s changed that phrase to “making love,” suggesting the act need not be limited between a man and a woman, no marriage was required and it was no longer for the purpose of generation. All that was required was that the couple be “in love.” The term became further diluted when it morphed into “sleeping with” which effectively removed the need for love or feeling at all and reduced it to something that could occur on any night with anyone.

It soon became “hooking up” which meant anytime, anywhere and now we talk about “friends with benefits” and it is nothing more than a bodily function one should attend to like brushing your teeth every day. It is no longer special or serves any purpose except as an appetite one must feed whenever one feels the urge.

With all the understanding we have about mind/body/soul connections we don’t even consider that every person we are intimate with provides a connection that allows them complete access to everything and even our most inner selves.  Sex connects and binds people to on another in the most significant way known.

So here we are back at the “significant other” article. We already have a name for that person who goes with us when we are “bargain hunting.” We call them a “friend.” We are clear on the difference between a friend and a SO and they are SIGNIFICANTLY different. So is this really an innocuous article pointing out the need for good relationships because it wants us to be fulfilled? Or, is it attempting to undermine the SIGNIFICANCE of the bond between life-partners?

In a world where sex happens anywhere anytime, where it no longer happens between men and women because they are no longer pairing off and committing to one another, you accomplish a few things. You stop procreation which means the New World Order agenda of limiting the population to 500,000,000 is well on track. You destroy the family unit which is the key building block foundation of civilization. You bastardize God’s plan.

Some are the orchestrators and some are the followers. Some refuse to see anything and have therefore made their choice. Many see this erosion of all things that define our human species and recognize the stepping stones to our downfall that has hit numerous civilizations before ours.  These things seldom jump from 0 to 100 but instead involve a gradual slide down a slippery slope – often fueled with words and ideas that lead us far away from safety and real happiness.

Watch the words. Call things what they are. It is not a “bunch of cells,,” it is a baby. It is not “choice,” it is abortion. I am not “cisgendered” I am a woman. I don’t have a “partner,” I have a husband.  We are not choosing “whatever we want,” because if that was true there would be no problem with someone choosing to be moral.  Every “choice” that is acceptable today is an immoral one that chips away at all the things of life that feed us and sustain us.  We are trading all things eternal for temporary satiation of our most base appetites as if we are mere animals unable of any self-control.

Hold tight to the truth. Speak it daily.

“There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic.”   Diane Setterfield



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