The Hampstead Case.

Hampstead kids
Perhaps there has never been a more blatant case of Satanic Ritual Abuse than this case.  People are as divided on it as always.  Some claim the mother is the abuser and she coached the children.  Some claim the father is beyond evil.  As always, the children are caught in the middle, having come forward to tell and years later, recanting their stories.  It is a familiar cycle.  The children are abused, find the strength to tell, are not believed and supported by the system and survival often means they can only deal with it by taking it all back.

Here is a list of sources of information for you to view and make up your own mind.

Dozens of original videos from when the kids first came forward.

The original evidence the mother had in addition to all the interviews:

Mother talks about how the narrative changed and what happened.

Articles about how the media changed the narrative:

The father does his convincing interview about how he was the victim.  At this point, the kids have recanted and insist none of it was true and their mother coached them.  This story is what many people now believe to be the truth.

Great Overview of the whole case:

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