Adrenochrome – Is It True What They Say?

choice to know
I like to deal with the facts and to use reason, logic and common sense.


There have been plenty of stories and people claiming to know or to be experts on the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and adrenochrome harvesting. Based on their information many others have learned a little here and there, mixed it all together and delivered their own brand of “taking a stab at it.”

There are victims of SRA and former members of Satanic groups who came forward decades ago to share their stories. I cannot remember that any of them who mentioned adrenochrome or anything like it. Until Hollywood started talking about it in movies such as Clockwork Orange and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it was not part of the SRA discussion although drinking of the blood of the ritualistically sacrificed certainly was. We were told the blood-drinking often created a frenzy and that Satanists like to terrorize the victims with rape and torture so as to release the adrenaline into the blood before they moved in for the final kill. The victim was killed, the blood shared and the body or parts of it were consumed.

Over the years research has been conducted and information has been gathered.  People have come at this subject matter from several different angles.  Researches of ancient ritual practice talk about the life force of the blood and the need of the Satanists to consume that life force. That backs why the participants need to drink the blood.  Terrorizing the victim and causing the adrenaline to release is said to make the blood taste even better.  Are we ever more alive than when we are in fear for our lives and fighting to live with the idea that death is imminent?   Even demons leave a body, as desperate as they are for a human body to use to navigate this dimension, the moment that life force is gone from the blood.

In the past couple of years, there have been many people who have come forward claiming to be victims or participants in SRA.  These stories are compelling and of course, we want to help them and be considerate of the trauma they may have faced but we have no real proof of the validity of their stories.  We do not know where they are in the healing process and whether if they are victims, that they are now telling the truth or are being used to disseminate disinformation. With all the mind games played in trauma-based mind control, it is difficult to know what, if anything, they have been through. Clearly, women and children taken for sacrifices were seldom the same ones targeted for MKUltra Mind Control. Those victims, with all the time and effort put into their “training”, were not just going to be killed off and eaten. There were other plans for them. It is possible what they thought was a baby being murdered in front of them, was only part of the mind control. It might have been a doll or an animal and not a baby. It might have been wine or paint and not blood. I am not suggesting actual sacrifices were not done, just that with each story we have to admit, we do not really know for sure.

We do know that real victims are seeking help and are going to great lengths to keep their identities hidden. There are groups set up to help them and many of these people are not on YouTube sharing the details. We know real victims have been killed for speaking out. We know some who spoke out decades ago are still alive and they claim it is because they have gone public and to kill them would be obvious but . . . we have seen obvious people kill anyway. We also know some of those who were greatly believed have proved to be frauds and many good people were deceived – even other victims. But you and I, average people, do not know how valid any of their stories are, especially now when there is so much information out there about SRA and many have access to the internet and can read. Those who came out years ago, who shared things never before heard are perhaps easier to believe and adrenochrome was not part of their stories.


Many people in this movement have completely confused terms and anatomy.

The adrenal glands are not found in the head, they are below the diaphragm and there are two of them. To remove these surgically would require an incision somewhere around the kidney area.

The pineal is a pinecone shaped gland that is also said to resemble a walnut and is found in the midbrain. It produces melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles. If removed surgically it would most likely be taken through the nose and sinuses. Because of its walnut-like appearance, it is what they refer to when speaking about a “walnut sauce.” It is one of the dishes cannibal/Satanists like to consume. The cone-like imagery of it is part of the Satanic symbols found in several places, pinecones and pine trees are thought to represent enlightenment or the third eye and it is this gland that Satanists and New Agers (who enact many Satanic acts believing they are raising their energies and becoming enlightened but are instead actually fooled into engaging in real and binding satanic rituals and practices)work hard to convince you should be opened so that you too can become like God. Except, the god they are referring to is Satan.

The pituitary gland is pea-shaped and size at the base of the brain often called the master gland because it regulates the others. It produces the hormones that tell the adrenal glands to produce adrenalin. This gland would also be removed surgically through the nose or sinuses.

Those claiming to be eyewitnesses to these rituals claim the victims head is smashed in an attempt to get to the gland they want which leaves little possibility that adrenochrome can be milked or harvested on an ongoing basis. The victim is terrorized and then they drink the blood and consume the flesh. (child is clearly dead). To remove any of the glands is delicate surgery AND life without one of those glands may not even be possible but at best requires daily shots or medicine to compensate (expensive).

Adrenochrome is a mixture of the adrenaline produced by the adrenal glands and is mixed with DMT. It has a very short shelf life. Once a child is killed it must be collected within 3 minutes. Like any body product, it deteriorates quickly upon death or removal from the body.

You can take an oxidised form of adrenaline which is more commonly called epinephrine. You can get that in any epi-pen that many of us are familiar with for severe allergic reactions. Epinephrine is a chemical used in an epi-pen and adrenochrome is a chemical derived from that. (without any children, any torture, and dramatic harvesting)

According to those who have tried adrenochrome as a drug and without the blood … the high is pretty ordinary.

Symptoms of too much adrenaline include high blood pressure, fast heartbeat, palpitations, excessive sweating, weight loss and anxiety. Not enough adrenaline causes weakness, lightheadedness, hypotension, digestive problems, hair loss, insomnia, weight gain, decreased sex drive, irregular bowel movement, and menstrual problem in women. Also, patients become more susceptible to infections.

This information suggests that too much adrenochrome would result in weight loss and too little (supply running out) would result in weight gain. Understanding how adrenochrome is produced, where it is produced, how quickly it deteriorates along with the practices of satanic rituals involving sacrificial victims and blood-drinking I have formed an opinion on the subject. Adrenochrome is not “harvested” but rather consumed with each sacrifice. The provable facts appear to bring down the whole barn that is being used to light the fire to burn many celebrities.

Are many of them involved? Most likely.

Are they cannibalizing the children and babies they rape, torture and kill in rituals? Absolutely.


I guess this is really the crossroads we are at. Witches were burned at the stake – some of them were probably guilty and some were not. You have to decide whether it is OK to be judge and jury of everyone else and whether you need any facts or evidence before you make those decisions or whether your anger is enough.

Ultimately, as much as we like to point at what others are doing wrong, we will only be called to answer for our own actions.


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