My Kind of Faeries. Phillip Island.


I have to say seeing the Faerie Penguins at Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia was one of the highlights of my life.

I was disappointed when we arrived and picked up our tickets to learn there was absolutely no photography allowed.  The flash on the camera can blind the penguins and we were about to witness a natural process by these marvelous wild creatures, in their own habitat, and the intent was to be silent, unobtrusive witnesses, not to startle or impact it in any way.

Of course there are always several people who feel the rules do not apply to them who were willing to damage the longevity of our privileged witnessing by insisting on getting a pic, taking on all manner of subterfuge to sneak a photo in despite the vigilant guides who did their best to enforce what should have been understood by everyone being as they tell you several times, they warn you several times, it is in all the writings, in the building you have to walk through,  sign posted , and then enforced.  Continue reading