DISCLAIMER:  I am just writing creatively.  I may or may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when I write.  I travel time when I write.  I add shadings and collect characters that may be much more interesting than the real toys I was given to play with.  No people or animals were harmed in the writing of this blog.

Things I write about may resemble people or places or situations that happened in my own life or they may resemble the people, places or situations occurring in the minds of mental patients all over the world right this very moment.  I come here to share ideas, explore, laugh and get out of doing the supper dishes.  Just because you might enjoy yourself  reading my stuff … trust me, we are not dating. Furthermore … I am not writing about you as I do not live in your mind and we did not have coffee this afternoon for you to tell me all about your exact same situation.   I take no responsibility for your insanity, anger, or failure to understand anything I write.  I will be responsible for me, you do the “you” part ok?

While I am making jokes here, I am serious.  If you do not see the message hidden in the good time we are having, best move along to someone else’s blog.  If you cannot understand the seriousness of some of the subjects or if you disagree with me or anyone commenting, use your words to explain why.  I will not tolerate any personal attacks.  If you lack any compassion that suggests people should be treated gently when they are fragile – please refrain from saying anything at all.

Love ya.  No hugging.  I am Canadian.  Hugging is considered foreplay.


One thought on “DISCLAIMER

  1. Hi Aria, I’m not sure if would remember me, my name is Luke. You taught the Silva UltraMind course way back in Edmonton. I was wondering if you had any insight or advise for an issue I am experiencing. The issue is, I used to be able to create clear crisp visuals in my minds eye. Now for what ever reason I can’t visualize nearly anything. It is a black blank screen, if you told me not to think of a pink elephant, I wouldn’t, it doesn’t pop in my head like it used to. It is what I have found, like congenital aphantasia. Have you had clients that experienced this? Any idea on how to recover that skill? Thanks for any help.

    Good to see your doing well,



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