“We are pioneers, we are. We are some of the first people to explore a way of being that is not premised on survivalism as our operating principal. For generations, people have been choosing their career path, their life partners, their ways of being, based primarily on what put food on the table. It didn’t matter how one felt about how one survived. All that mattered was staying alive. But a new way of being is taking root, one that is premised on authenticity above all else. We are beginning to insist on living from our truth, choosing our path and our connections from the soul outward. This is why its so damn difficult. Torn between the mantras of ‘Grin and Bear it’ and ‘Be who you really are’, we have one foot in each world, not entirely rooted in either. No wonder so many path travelers are in a state of confusion. We are saying goodbye to unhealthy connections while still lodged in a duty-bound culture. We are crafting a new, true way of being while carrying the shaming conditioning of the old world. We are laying down new tracks without a single footprint to follow. This is a profound consciousness shift on this planet. We are pioneers, we are. Pioneers of truth.” Jeff Brown