TFFT – Limitless You

Alan Watts

  I have had the honour and privilege throughout my life of many experiences and opportunities that have allowed me to be taught, to study, to learn and to sometimes practice many different forms of religion and spirituality. May I say, with complete humbleness that I was, and continue to be, a student in this regard.

I will always be a student in search of understanding. Continue reading

TFFT: What IS Faith?


Anyone can have a theory about how something should go.  We have all heard people instruct others on how to raise their kids, or how marriage works.  They can have plenty of ideas and suggestions, but until they actually get married, or have children of their own, are their methods ever tested?  We also see where sometimes these same people find out their own advice was completely wrong.

The point is that nothing is really owned until it is “tested.” Continue reading