Today’s Food for Thought


a human being

At Christmas, the true nature of people becomes evident as some people, in spite of the spirit and feelings of love that so many feel,  become crueler and more focused on self.

I cannot imagine anyone who regularly goes through their life saying and doing things to others that destroys people and their lives.  I cannot imagine being so callous and cruel.  Of course, we all do things without thinking or when we are not as sensitive as we should be and especially when we did not know what we said caused pain … but that is very different from people who seem to take pleasure in their efforts.  While many of us would not be able to sleep thinking that someone else was in pain or crying because of something we said, others seem to thrive on it. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.

child abuse

I would be ashamed to have any child I was raising was talking to someone about their non custodial parent and tell them that they hate their “mommy” or “daddy.”   I don’t understand why some parents then stand there beaming at the child like they have just earned an “A” on some test.   My heart would break if my child were to tell other people that their “mommy” or  “daddy” doesn’t love them.  I would NEVER put my child in that kind of position or EVER let them believe that, no matter what the circumstances. Continue reading

I Won’t Surrender My Compassion.

Circle of compassion

When I was a child, great acts of compassion happened far away, in unusual circumstances and often with people dedicating their lives to service.  We did not consider a kind word, a hug, a plate of food, as GREAT acts of compassion because basically … most people would do that as a matter of routine.  Our world was pretty gentle.

We had heroes.  Our heroes had names that had been handed down throughout history as shining examples of human beings, Florence Nightingale, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc . . .    their acts changed the world.  Continue reading