WORD'S WORTH“When I stand up for Women’s Rights I am standing up for all women – even those who hate me, who I have nothing in common with and whose opinions diametrically oppose my own.  I would never presume to stand up for anything less than that.  Anything less than that is just me, protecting me, targeting others.  How can you demand rights, while at the same time denying the rights of others?  Even worse, how can you, as a woman, stand and only represent the rights of the women who are clones of your own life?  ”  Aria E. Appleford

WORD'S WORTH“People are not happy because their lives are easy.  They are happy because it is a choice they make.  They decide to be happy regardless of what is happening around them or to them.  You do not find happiness.  It does not come to you.  Happiness can only come from you.”     Aria E. Appleford

WORD'S WORTH“Learning who you are starts with letting go of all your ideas about yourself.  It means disengaging the filters through which you see.  You are not all good, nor all bad.  You have to let go of any beliefs you hold concerning your identity and be willing to simply examine all the information, process all the experiences, allowing the contradictions, embracing it all and letting it be.  Then, your walk through life is with a powerful knowing that allows you to see it all as it was meant to be – opportunities for you to grow.”  Aria E. Appleford

WORD'S WORTH“The man who stands at death’s door, delivered by his own hand, who makes the choice, and fights to live, is a hero.  He has faced the darkest demon, answered the deepest question, and chosen himself over all the fear, despair and pain the world could throw at him.  He knows he stands alone but most importantly, he finally knows . . . that he is enough. ”  Aria E. Appleford

“In a world that defines success by those who “win” as if every aspect of life were a competition, I will never be important.  I used to fight every battle in front of me, intent on winning, as if somehow that meant I had value.  I don’t anymore.  There are no winners or losers, there are only fragile people working with what they have.  So my walking away may make someone else feel like they have won.  It may make others feel I have surrendered because I was wrong, but it is just me knowing that I am not defined by any battle where the goal is to hurt someone else.  It is enough to know who I am and what I need to do.  I do not need to destroy other human beings to own that place.”  Aria E. Appleford

“When the truth is spoken it is like a light that exposes everything, not only about the situation, but about the people who are present. For some, that is so painful an introspection, that they can only respond by shutting off the light. They destroy the speaker and deflect their pain as if it were caused by some error in the messenger, instead of a flaw within themselves. They destroy the only thing that can be burned without further injury to themselves. They destroy the messenger because the truth cannot be destroyed. It can only remain unseen and unspoken . . . and worst of all . . . unused.” Aria E. Appleford