TFFT If You Don’t Stand For Something, You Stand For Nothing.

not enough to be good

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our families and our communities to see what is happening around us and to do something about it.  None of us can afford to wait until we are personally impacted by the many tragedies going on in the world today.  If we are not going to act as a world wide community then we are doomed ourselves to stand alone in our own tragedy when it arrives at our door . . . and we have no-one else to blame but ourselves.  Continue reading

The Ones Left Behind.

left behind

Death has been a common theme in my life.  Even as a child, I was exposed to it far more than anyone could have imagined for a  little girl living in a country like Canada, born into a life of privilege.

It made me become very introspective about life.

I am a voracious observer of people.

Too often it seems someone passes and after the funeral and all the rose coloured glasses have arrived in the mail and everyone is wearing theirs … the deceased becomes this amazing person they never quite were.   Of course we should remember the good things, of course we all deserve the love and memories of our families and friends when we are gone.  But when that canonization of the deceased gets in the way of seeing the people who are still there, I find it incredibly sad. Continue reading

Compassion and Discernment and the Versus Part.


So many things lately have caused me to reflect on the conflicting messages we grow up with and that we pass on to our kids.

It is like there is no common sense middle ground. There is no “see the merits of both practices” just ‘ ‘ “black and white,” “right and wrong .. ” and those ends of the spectrum are, in themselves, open to personal interpretations.

It comes down to one big important area. How do we balance compassion and caring for one another with the need to think critically, to question what is happening around us, and to discern? The only conclusion I have made in response is simply, I don’t know .. but we HAVE to find a way. Continue reading


“I have no regrets.  My past does not own me but I honour its lessons.  Some people believe you should leave the past behind, as if it never existed, as if it were a dirty secret we should do our best to hide … But I believe the real power comes in our willingness to accept that we lived there, we did that, we were once that person.  I cannot leave any part of me behind in the journey of my life because all those imperfect parts of me have carried me on my journey.”  Aria E. Appleford

Today’s Food For Thought.


I smile when people say there are two things that one should never discuss in public, politics and religion.  It is not the subject matter that is the issue, it is the inability of people to talk about these things with an open mind.

It is the very reason that I examined those two subjects the most.

Why do we guard our beliefs with such fierce loyalty?  If we believe them to be correct than surely they can stand up to any discussion?  Surely they are worth sharing with others so that they too can find the “light.”  The truth is we are afraid they won’t stand up.  We are afraid we might be proven wrong and we are afraid of that because we are not as sure as we think we are. Continue reading

Another Really True Story About An Unfortunate Mishap With My Blue Budgie.

Fluffy My Budgie

I was sitting around the pool with hubby in RL and admiring his budgy smugglers when I remembered!   I rushed right here to the ‘puter to share … well technically I called my therapist first ’cause I promised to share any memory return – that is always soooo important after a series of shock treatments.

It was a cold and rainy dark dark night and Walmart was still open.  This was before the unfortunate incident with the police, the underwear and the taser guns and the lifetime banning so I was still allowed in the store.  In fairness to me, Madonna made me do it.  I just thought if I put my hello kitty training bra and matching thong over my clothes I could multi task . . . shop AND date.  I thought the outfit said wayy more than some profile on a dating site ever could.  I think everyone over reacted.  THAT woman who was screaming for a “clean-up” in the aisle I was in and pointing at me has always hated me ever since I took all the Hamburger Helper at the last big Grocery sale-o-rama and scramble.   She didn’t even have the mic or the authority to be screaming like that. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.

Self Esteem

We are so caught up in how others see us and what they think.  People practically take a poll of their friends before making a decision.  It is like we consciously choose to give our power away to other people.  We don’t even seem to know we are powerful.

I have been trying to pay attention to the many messages we give our children about their self value.  Most parents are clear on the need, during discussions about self-esteem, as to how it works BUT how many actually have that conversation?  And how do our actions support or contradict what is said?  Children learn by example. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.

child abuse

I would be ashamed to have any child I was raising was talking to someone about their non custodial parent and tell them that they hate their “mommy” or “daddy.”   I don’t understand why some parents then stand there beaming at the child like they have just earned an “A” on some test.   My heart would break if my child were to tell other people that their “mommy” or  “daddy” doesn’t love them.  I would NEVER put my child in that kind of position or EVER let them believe that, no matter what the circumstances. Continue reading

Love is a Living Force.

love is a living force

I do so appreciate the people who I have met and connected with online.  It is incredible to be able to have these opportunities and to get a peek at your lives and share in your activities.  I try to interact with every opportunity I am given and I thank you for supporting me with your comments, your likes, your laughter and your tears.  I hope this journey is as good for you as it is for me and that we continue to grow and learn together.

I believe in people and in our ability to survive, overcome, and to change the way things are.  All we need is open minds, compassionate hearts, and willing hands.