Life’s Invitation.

in the end

This has been a really difficult past few weeks.  I find sometimes life just grabs hold of you and throws you off the cliff and things you thought you knew, you didn’t, and nothing makes sense anymore.

Of course, the go-to reaction is to run home crying to your mommy and complain that the world is unfair and ask to have your boo boo kissed better.

But I am not a child. Continue reading

Believe Nothing.


Wow this speaks to me on so many levels.  We grow up believing we are who our parents told us to be.  The voice of our own spirit is replaced with their words, our teachers, our friends, our coworkers, our religious leaders …  There are so many people talking to us in there, we have no room for ourselves.  We are just cut out cardboard of everyone else’s life and how they see us, often without even knowing us.  We don’t even know ourselves. Continue reading