TFFT: My Friends Don’t Always Give Me That Standing Ovation.


It seems like every day, on Social Media, you come across another group of people talking about someone else.  It usually involves pointing at something they have done, which according to their interpretation is NOT the way it is supposed to be done.  They parade out interactions that are probably so innocent in their intent and throw them on the floor for the lions to rip into.

Despite a bazillion sentiments like the one above, plastered all over the internet, people continue to gather their groups to publicly flog anyone and everyone who is not part of the group. Continue reading

Letter to My Grandson with Asperger’s.



My Dearest Noah;

I hope you know how much you are loved and that your pockets are full to overflowing with that love.  I hope it is love that helps you to shape the shield that you will need to do battle with life.

You have made us smile from the moment you were born with your bright blue eyes, and your red hair.  Your thoughtful evaluation of things before you speak and your drawl is a delight to all of us.  We have enjoyed your prowess in the swimming pool, your willingness to try new things and to be part of what the other kids are doing, just enjoying being “in the game,” without every getting caught up or lost in whether you are winning, or are the best.  How I wish I had been more open, like you are, to experiencing things, and less burdened with the notion of what others thought. Continue reading

There is Nothing Sexy About Anger.


I came across this article on Why Anger is the New Sex by Joanne Chen. It speaks of the growing trend towards anger and suggests it is a good thing. While I do agree it is important for people to express their feelings, anger is an emotional choice we make to express our feelings and I do not agree it is a healthy nor a desirable outcome to subject someone else to your angry tirade.

There is nothing sexy about anger. Continue reading

Stupid Ugly Fat People?

stupid ugly people


From a previous blog post I wrote on the issue of weight and tolerance:

Issues of weight have recently been a topic of discussion in my circles and I would like to address them. There seems to be a growing animosity, an arrogant rejection of the plight of the overweight. People insist “fat” people are not discriminated against in the same way that a gay person or a black person is.

If you are overweight you are automatically assumed to be stupid, lazy and unattractive. It is assumed that you lack self control, you overeat, you are unhealthy and you don’t care. You are denied jobs, called names and you are treated differently. You are forced to live in a world that does not accept or accommodate your size, no different than a “little person.” Take a look at what is offered for clothing for the large … you move from beautiful colour and shapes in “regular” sizes to dull uninteresting limited “sacs.” Evidently when you are large you are not expected to ever go out or to enjoy looking nice. I recently read a written comment, “a gay person cannot help being gay, but a fat person can diet.”  Continue reading