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eric     Eric Whitacre is one of the good guys.  He may not seem like the obvious choice for singling out in regards to compassion but that is exactly why I have chosen him.

Most people see compassion as something outside of the themselves, something extra, something heroic that they do to help others.  Some people argue that they have nothing to give or nothing more to give.  They will say they have nothing to offer.  Compassion is about making who you are and whatever you do . . . a gift.  It is almost the process of valuing that in yourself and your willingness to share it with another that transcends all the barriers and transforms it into this magical energy that touches the lives of all it comes into contact with. Continue reading

Compassion Network Daily


There are those who complain about their lot in life and their are those that are too busy doing what has to be done to have time to complain.  One woman, making a difference for one other person.  She would probably argue that her life had great purpose and meaning, and he would most likely not have had a life without her.  Can we truly claim that one person cannot make a difference?  Compassion – the highest emotion known to man, having the most positive impact upon our DNA and the health of our bodies.  In helping others, we are actually choosing life for ourselves.

Compassion Network Daily


It is true that none of us can help everyone but each of us can help someone.  No one of us is going to solve the world’s problem and thinking that helping is going to require that, or measuring our efforts to help one against the entire need for help is only going to defeat us.  All we have to do is what we can, each moment.  Look around, someone can use your compassion.  It is contagious.  It will be passed on.


Love heals.  Thoughts of love heal.  Acts of love heal.  Just love.


It is a way of living, not a single act.  Those who plot and purposefully hurt others without ever taking responsibility for the pain they cause are often the most miserable of people.  Choosing kindness and love changes you and it changes your life.  The world is a much kinder place when you see it with people who are struggling just like you instead of people you must eliminate and destroy in order to find your own happiness.

Compassion Network Daily

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