Today’s Food For Thought


This is such an important statement.

Those who cannot sit with their own pain are often those who turn to drugs and alcohol.  They want to be in any reality other than the one the moment provides.  The emotional pain in our lives is as valuable to us as is physical pain.  We count on physical pain to alert us to the fact there is something wrong.  If we feel a pain in our leg we stop walking on it, we are directed to the spot the pain comes from, and we seek help.  We should use the emotional pain as the same.  It is not telling us about what is wrong with other people, it is telling us where we have a weakness and where we need to direct our own attention within ourselves. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.


As children we are not allowed adult choices because we are incapable of understanding the consequences of our choice.  We allow that even when a child makes an adult choice, that they are not held to the same level of responsibility for that same reason.  Once a child is considered an adult, they gain the right to make those choices, something we often celebrate and run towards with wild abandon.  What is not often discussed, is the consequences which are now married to those choices.  In other words, you are free to make adult choices, but you will now also be dealing with and be responsible for,  the adult consequences. Continue reading

It’s Tough Being A Parent


It is tough being a parent.

A good parent makes hard decisions.  They are not blind to their child’s faults and are willing to put in the hard yards to help the child.

It means letting your child face consequences and deal with life and figure it out on their own.  It means not jumping in and fixing every mistake they make or supplying them with a “get out of jail free card” every time it is serious.  It means not making excuses.  It means making parenting a job and not the kind of hobby where you glue and sew and bake and in the end enter your creation in a fair hoping to win a prize. Continue reading