The Food Group Lady Died.

cinnamon buns with love

Cinnamon buns are a food group.

Evidently the food group monitor died about 30 years ago and no-one noticed and so I coloured and bedazzled myself a nifty name tag proclaiming me the “Food Group Monitor of the World” and I felt it was time to discover a new group.   Cinnamon buns … part of a healthy diet. Well not a “diet diet” like a “losing weight diet,” but a diet as in “you eat it so it is part of your diet.”  Feel free to direct any questions to me.

I made some a couple weekends ago and everyone was eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were telling me they were eating a balanced diet because they had one in each hand and a lot of the time they would drink milk with them. Some people were drinking coffee and well, they are going to die toothless, with weak bones and bags under their eyes because of their lack of sleep so you can’t blame that one on the cinnamon bun. At least they will be awake when they die which means they have a better chance of passing the “get into heaven test” . . . and that will just be one more blessing of my cinnamon buns.

Everyone went crazy over my buns. One of my friends said it was like they were coated with heroin or something, she just could not stop eating them. Continue reading

The Family Meeting.

Fun Ideas

I called a family meeting last month.

Both Derek and I showed up on time.  I gave us both angel stickers because I like to reward good behaviour.  Derek refused to wear his.  He said he had a golf game and they were not allowed to carry religious symbols onto the course as it would be an unfair advantage to have Jesus swing the club.  I suspect  he just does not want to make his golf buddies feel bad about not having their own stickers.  I told him I would buy some more so he could take a couple and give them to his friends when they made a really good home run or something. Continue reading