WORD'S WORTH“The only tyrant I accept in this world is the ‘still small voice’ within me. And even though I have to face the prospect of being a minority of one, I humbly believe I have the courage to be in such a hopeless minority.”  Mahatma Gandhi

TFFT Happiness Can Be An Act of Courage

form of courage

It is hard to haul yourself out of bed and plaster a smile on your face and take a crappy situation and turn it around.  It is hard to do that walk past the very people who have made your life miserable and choose not to engage, but instead to keep focused on what you came there to do.  Happiness thieves are all around us, trying to bully others into a dark world of misery and drama and fighting.  Some do it with sins of commission while others choose omission as their weapon of choice. Continue reading

TFFT: Peace and Power. A Life Choice.

be soft

It is hard to hang on to who you are.  It is particularly hard when the anger and hate of others impacts you.  There are many people now who are acutely aware of the bad mood, and the negativity of others.  It is part and parcel of a growing ability for empathy and a development of a deeper compassion.  When you feel the emotions of others, how do you not let them take over and pull you from your own centre? Continue reading

TFFT: This is Who I Am.


The abuse and neglect of my childhood really delivered me some unexpected gifts.

Within the limited understanding of a child, and perhaps having more to do with survival than anything else, I managed to work out that making myself invisible was perhaps the best course of action.  It meant I spent most of my time in my own company.  The reality of the “world” seemed insane to me and so I was quite happy to retreat to my own.  This meant there was nothing else to be done except to make friends with and get to know … myself. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought

you decide

People struggle to say “no.”  Women more so than men.

It comes from lack of self esteem.  We do not consider our needs to be important enough to place them first.  We have been raised with messages that have taught us that a “good” woman or a “nice” woman is self sacrificing and always thinks of the needs of others.  Add to that a healthy dose of religion and the idea that we should always serve others and you have the recipe used to make most people miserably unhappy. Continue reading