WORD'S WORTH“And that’s what innocence is. It’s simple and trusting like a child, not judgmental and committed to one narrow point of view. If you are locked into a pattern of thinking and responding, your creativity gets blocked. You miss the freshness and magic of the moment. Learn to be innocent again, and that freshness never fades.”  Michael Jackson

WORD'S WORTH“Leadership from Source is a process of aligning yourself with what you are here to live; it is to step into a rhythm of evolution. You don’t have to force it to happen, it is a rhythm always happening, always evolving.  It is to wake up from the trance of a limited “me” that has held you hostage for too long and to stand rooted in the vastness of an unlimited creativity. It is to again and again, and over again, release the addictive cramps of unworthiness, and return to the authority of Spirit.”  Chameli Ardagh 

WORD'S WORTH“There is something scary about letting ourselves go. It means that we will screw up, that we will relinquish the possibility of perfection. It means that we will say things we didn’t mean to say and express feelings we can’t explain. It means that we will be onstage and not have complete control, that we won’t know what we’re going to play until we begin, until the bow is drawn across the strings. While this spontaneous method might be frightening, it’s also an extremely valuable source of creativity. The lesson about letting go is that we contain our own creativity. We are so worried about playing the wrong note or saying the wrong thing that we end up with nothing at all.”  Jonah Lehrer

The Art of Joy.


You have to appreciate this picture with me.

I have recently started colouring, blaming my daughter Tina who gave me a colouring book and crayons for Christmas and unleashed the monster. Then I joined a couple of the groups on Facebook and it was kind of like baptism by a dunk in the deepest ocean . . . while holding a heavy rock .. . . . duct taped to your hands.  Suddenly my life was everything colouring and the passion and intensity of people driven to colour every day, in every way, endlessly, over and over, buying and consuming all things colourful rip tided me way out into the deep beyond all rescue.  My life was taken over by the raging river of nonstop posting on my Facebook.  My phone sounded like it was having an epileptic attack with all the dinging to notify me of another post.

I couldn’t even see anything my friends or family posted on my feeds.

Best week of my life.


And most of the work is exceptional and beautiful beyond what you could imagine possible with a coloured pencil and those that are not quite up to that standard are just beginners who will nail it and surpass their teachers in no time.

I spent a lot of time researching, as is my way, and learning about the terms and the supplies etc. I always figure, if I suck at colouring, I can impress them with how they make those prisma coloured pencils or which paper is the best to use and why. I am never sure if people are impressed with what I have to say or just that any human being can talk that fast and for so long without breathing.

I will take what adoration I can get. Continue reading

TFFT: My Friends Don’t Always Give Me That Standing Ovation.


It seems like every day, on Social Media, you come across another group of people talking about someone else.  It usually involves pointing at something they have done, which according to their interpretation is NOT the way it is supposed to be done.  They parade out interactions that are probably so innocent in their intent and throw them on the floor for the lions to rip into.

Despite a bazillion sentiments like the one above, plastered all over the internet, people continue to gather their groups to publicly flog anyone and everyone who is not part of the group. Continue reading

Today’s Food For Thought.


If you stop and think about the thing or person you are mad at, or hurt over, or missing, you will realize that you are the one who keeps feeding the emotion.  Healing is about letting go of that cycle, of minimizing our reaction to stimuli.  But WE are the ones often creating the stimuli.

Our thoughts usually go over what happened, what was last said etc.  We imagine scenarios where we are playing with the key characters in exactly the same way we did with our toys as children.  We pick up one person and then the other.  We control how they act and what is said.  We make the whole scene.  Unfortunately we often make it much worse than it was, or we imagine things and we respond emotionally to them as if they really happened.  Why?  Because our minds process the information from what actually happens in the same way it processes things we imagine.  It is the science behind why phobias are so real for people. Continue reading