Be Kind. Guide for Step Parents to Avoid Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Be kind

Step parents are in an unenviable position.  Those who are doing an awesome job are often abused by an insecure parent who undermines them at every turn and those who are abusing a child with Parental Alienation Syndrome are destroying live, none more at risk, than the child entrusted in their care.

Adding children into a home, especially when they are not your own, is a difficult thing to do.  Well, it can be done, but achieving the goal that everyone gets out alive is a big undertake. Continue reading

Who is Raising Our Children?

parental abuse

Our children have no way of really understanding how their parents sacrificed for them. Especially not in a war being fought in family courts with lies and parents and step parents bidding for children with money and privilege as if they are real evidence of love.

They aren’t.

A wide screen TV, no matter how cool the model, has never made up for the lack of real connection in people’s lives. It is, at best, a temporary distraction. They can never give a person purpose or grounding or ever feed their soul through the long dark night. Continue reading

TSV Good Advice for Parents Caught up in PAS.


How to Save Your Child and Yourself
From the Effects of
Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)

Dr. Reena Sommer

Anyone one who has experienced or witnessed a child’s outright rejection of a parent with whom they once shared a reciprocally warm, loving, nurturing relationship will understand how devastating the effects of parental alienation syndrome can be. Perhaps more painful than experiencing a son or daughter’s rejection is watching that child’s own sense of confusion, bewilderment and grief mount through a denial of a parent’s love and a bond that developed from birth.  (more here …)

TSV The Impact of Parental Alienation on Children



The Impact of Parental Alienation Syndrome. . . “There is now scholarly consensus that severe alienation is abusive to children (Fidler and Bala, 2010), and it is a largely overlooked form of child abuse (Bernet et al, 2010) . . . ”

Every child has a fundamental need for love and protection.

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Parental Alienation or Parental Alienation Syndrome??

Do you know the difference between Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)? One is the cause of and the other is the result of.


Outstanding article and website:

We have to stop this from happening.  The long term damage of children growing up alienated from one of their parents and that whole parents family, who love the child is a much deeper problem than you might think.  Consider the cost of raising children to adulthood, coached and coerced into hating someone who is supposed to love and nurture them?  Then consider the impact of that child one day realizing that the parent who taught them to hate, lied and used them to promote their own hate. Continue reading

Kids Have a Hole in Their Soul.


I would say it is in the shape of the parent being kept out of their lives.  We have to acknowledge that alienation happens to both moms and dads.  Frankly anyone who would do this a child, is a disgusting human being.  I am not sure how anyone can be immune to the obvious signs of a child whose soul is being crushed by the hate one parent has for the other.

Another great website with some super practical tips for dealing with the alienation:

PAS and Mother’s Day.


Another good site with discussion and sharing.

Good parents know that no child hates their parent unless they are taught. Good parents know how to protect a child’s heart and not to poison it with their own hate. That is not love, that is using the child as a weapon because you are inadequate as a human being and need help.

Parents who applaud or encourage a child to say or do mean or hateful things to their other parent are despicable bullying human beings. if you want to know why kids are bullying one another check out these parents.


I am particularly highlighting one of his posts that may help in your quest to understand if you are a victim of PAS. Continue reading