Lessons From The Little Red Haired Girl Next Door. The Doll Carriage.

TLRHG The Carraige

A family moved into the house from hell next door and they seem really nice. They are renters and I have no problems with renters, I am good like that.  I don’t need to have proof of indebtedness for a house,  prior to my making snap judgements as to whether I like people or not. I just wing it.

I am pretty sure it is a gift.  If people are not envious of it, they should be.  I save so much time by ignoring any facts that get in the way of my ability to judge others.  Not that I am always right but people get way too caught up in  winning.  I may not be the best judge of friends but in my own defence … bruises heal and I am pretty good with make-up. Continue reading